Eberspächer Airtronic: Top of the Line Diesel Caravan Heaters


These caravan heaters can be installed in caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers or campervans by a diesel hose line straight to the vehicles fuel tank, or in the case of a caravan to the optional 10L diesel tank that can be supplied.  Depending on your requirements, Eberspacher have a variety of Diesel Heaters to suit your needs for every application whilst travelling on the road. The D4 is the larger version of the D2 that incorporates a triple outlet system with a larger heating output normally for use in the larger caravan and R.v's.

Eberspachers Airtronic caravan heaters draw in the cool fresh outside air, heats it up within the unit and disperses this warm air evenly to the interior of the vehicle. Diesel Caravan Air heaters are a great solution for recreational vehicles as they are quite compact making them easy to install and have the added bonus to run off their own power source.  These Caravan and Motorhome heaters are highly efficient on diesel consumption with the D2 using only 0.11 litres of fuel per hour when running on low.  On medium it will consume 0.25 l/h, and even whilst on the heaters highest range it will only consume 0.38 l/h.


Keep the family warm this winter with up to 4000watts of heat output  

If your planning on caravanning this year, stay warm with the Erberspacher Airtronic heaters this winter.  Perfect for extended periods of operations, these 12/24-volt diesel heaters are great for a warm night's sleep for the whole family.  The two models available are the D2 and the D4 single and twin and triple outlet heaters.  With versatile controllability, the erberspacher Airtronic D2 provides 2200watts, and the D4 an impressive 4000watts of warmed blown air.  The unit will automatically reduce the heat and the fan speed as the temperature rises for efficient fuel consumption and quiet operation.  There are numerous benefits of having an Airtronic air heater fixed to your caravan, RV or motorhome.  First you don't need gas at all, great if your a diesel fan and especially if you're already have a diesel tank fitted to your RV - a gas bill is one expense you won't have to worry about. Your're travelling companions can be kept warm the entire trip as it can be operated whilst on the move in a motorhome.  Furthermore, with its sleek and compact design for easy installation, no wonder the airtronic is leaving the rest of the caravan heater world in its wake.   


Why Heat with Diesel?

Some campers feel apprehensive when hearing the words “diesel heating”, however, mobile diesel heating technology has greatly improved since its popularization in the late 1970s. Eberspächer Airtronic heaters use an advanced oxidation catalyst technology that’s been proven to provide quieter performance and low-emission operation. This means no more smelly, grey smoke. In fact, modern diesel heating systems are odourless, quiet, and completely accepted at popular caravan camping sites.

NOTE: Eberspächer Airtronic D4 and D4+ models are capable of being run off 100% biodiesel, also making them an extremely green option. What is bio diesel fuel you say? Bio diesel fuel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel manufactured domestically from vegetables oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease. It is a cleaner burning replacement for petroleum diesel fuel.


Why We Choose Eberspächer

With over 40 years of experience in the caravanning industry, Caravan RV Camping, Australia’s leading provider of caravan and camping accessories, always recommends Eberspächer heaters to campers serious about their heating needs. Eberspächer UK was created in 1977 as a faction of the famous Eberspächer Climate Control System of Germany, dedicated to popularizing diesel-fuelled heating in mobile vehicles. Since its foundation nearly 40 years ago, Eberspächer UK has consistently created innovative heating and cooling systems, earning them a trusted reputation and loyal brand following.

Eberspächer UK stands out as a result of their high-quality products, caring customer service policies, and their large collection of convenient and affordable accessories and add-ons.


Eberspächer Airtronic Features

Eberspächer Airtronic heating systems boast a number of direct user benefits.

  • Firstly, it eliminates the need to have to lug large gas bottles and connections around with you as it runs directly from your vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • There’s no need to worry about running out of gas on the road, however, as Airtronic systems are both extremely efficient in terms of fuel and electricity consumption, you can even tap into your on-board diesel tank if your vehicle is diesel fuelled.
  • The installation of an Airtronic system is brief, and quiet simple. Given the ultra-compact sleek design the unit can be installed underneath a bed, dinette sitting or pretty much anywhere you have a small cavity that isn't being used.
  • The system is extremely quite (with the lowest power setting currently available on the market), odourless, and accepted worldwide without the need to purchase add-ons or extra parts and pieces
  • The operation of Airtronic systems is extremely easy and user-friendly; it can also be accomplished via pre-programming, a remote control, or directly from your cell phone. Like some other RV appliances you don't need to be a rocket scientist to be able to operate these systems.
  • Lastly, Airtronic systems are one of the easiest diesel systems to service and maintain, which is always a added bonus cause no one wants to fork out more money for the up keep of a new appliances, after already laying out the cost of the unit in the first place.


For any other inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff  at Caravan RV Camping (1800-RV PARTS).They are always happy and willing to answer any questions you may have.