Overview of Truma’s Caravan Heating Options

If you’re the type of camper who welcomes winter adventuring with open arms, then you probably already know the importance of a quality caravan heater. Specialised caravan heaters are handy products specially engineered to rapidly heat large areas of space, such as a caravan or RV.

Although Suburban and Atwood are often named as the top manufacturers of water heating units, Truma has made its own mark in regading quality air and combination water/air heating. Caravan RV Camping, will be going over everything you need to know about Truma and their vast array of heating options.

Please Note: Although Truma DOES manufacture water heating, this article will only be addressing units capable of air heating.


The Truma Reputation

As mentioned, Truma, with over seventy years of experience in the caravan industry, has consistently worked hard to become a leader in mobile heating technology. Founded in 1949 by a young man named Philip Kreiss, Truma continues to be run as a family business with its sole location based in the heart of Putzbrunn, near Munich.

Each one of Truma’s orders go through this Putzbrunn location prior to being shipped to the consumer, making purchasing from Truma an extremely personal experience. On top of their quality mobile heating units, Truma is also known for manufacturing a variety of handy caravan accessories, such as caravan manoeuvring systems. Most recently, they were even awarded the Medium-Sized Company Innovation Price from the prestigious Mittsland Summit held in Germany.


Truma Heating Lines

As mentioned, Truma has several different options available when it comes to mobile heating. These include:

  • Truma Combi Heaters
  • Trumatic Vario (gas heater)
  • Truma Aventa Comfort
  • Truma Saphir
Overview of Truma’s Heating Lines

Although these lines may sound similar, they differ greatly in abilities and features. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Truma Combi Heaters

Truma Combi heaters, as their name suggests, are combination units capable of heating both air and water. The most popular Combi model, the Combi 4E boasts an efficiency rating of 98% and an impressive thermal output, measuring approximately 4000W.

A few of the features integrated into the Combi 4E include an incredibly low power consumption, a convenient Frost Control setting, extremely short heating times, and an easy-to-use LED control panel.


Truma Vario

The Truma Varioheat Eco is a high performance compact, sleek and lightweight gas heater. It is a very efficient heater and will heat your vehicle to the required temperature in a very short period. Thanks to the multiple varied functionalities, you can always set the temperature to your desired requirements.

The unit is a ducted air heating device designed for caravans, motor homes, RVs and campers. It combines compact proportions, flexible installation and efficient operation into one 12 - volt gas powered air heater.

While the robust heating is powered by LPG gas, it features a 12-volt electronic operation control unit, which monitors and maintains the temperature of your motor home via a fully automatic thermostat with controlled shut down giving you the desired warmth needed. In addition to this, The Truma Varioheat comes with low running cost thanks to its 95% natural gas efficiency and minimal battery usage. Its near silent operation also guarantees undisturbed sleep every night for those who sometimes wake at the drop of a pin. Its intelligent design employs electronic control over all functions, thus keeping its operation hassle-free and requiring minimal involvement on the part of the user, enabling the adventurer to have peace of mind and not have to worry about attending to the air heater periodically.

Its compact and sleek design makes it compatible with most caravans and motor homes, as it can be installed in a myriad of positions. Its installation is simple and user-friendly, though professional gas installation by a licenced gas fitter is required. The Truma Varioheat is AGA approved for added reliability. So, if you're on the lookout for a new caravan, motor home or RV heater look no further than the Truma Varioheat gas air heater as you will not be disappointed in its efficient output and heating options.


Truma Aventa Mark 2 Air Conditioner

This Truma AVENTA MARK 2 AIR CONDITIONER with ADB is the perfect choice for caravans up to 7.5 metres in length. Install this kit to enjoy full comfort anytime and anywhere you go. With a powerful cooling of 2400 watts and heating of 1700 watts air output, this air conditioner is ready to deliver you the cooling or heating you need in your vehicle. Features include a sleep function to enable quiet operation for your vehicle’s interior and LED lighting around the Inside vents which are designed for practicality inside your caravan as well as being energy saving. 

So, if you have any enquiries regarding the Truma products please feel free to contact one of Caravan RV Camping friendly staff on 1800 787 278 or www.caravanrvcamping.com.au