Suburban Caravan Water Heaters: Reputation, Overview & Types

If you've ever have camped in a remote setting or even in a caravan park we all know that one of the greatest essentials is hot water. It's debatable for some but if you have ever used the amenities at caravan parks you will know that you need to wear thongs in the showers as not all parks are up to scratch with their hygiene levels and might have to wait for a long period of time to get a hot shower as you may be battling 20 other campers who have all decided to take a shower at the same time.

That's only the first issue, being able to have constant hot water on board is a priceless comodity. Being able to have hot water on demand at the flick of a button is always a top priority in the eyes of most campers and if you speak to any camper that has had constant hot water on board they would never be able to go without again. 

There are a variety of different caravan water heating systems currently available on the market and, as a result, an amateur camper can quickly become overwhelmed and confused. There are a few things to consider before purchasing an RV water system which we will briefly touch on in this article hoping to give the first-time buyer a head start when trying to navigate through the RV hot water system market. 

Leading Brands
When it comes to high-quality RV water heating systems, two companies ultimately stand out amongst the rest. These are Suburban and Truma. Suburban and Truma with over 40 year's experience have lead the field in hot water system technology and are still delivering efficient, cost effective, high quality hot water units for the RV market today.

Suburban Heating Units: An Overview

Suburban heating units are specifically engineered with high-quality, steel tanks lined with porcelane. This is to ensure no minerals from bad water sources attack the inside of the tank which also is equipped with a sacrificial annode.  Many competitor brands use lower quality metal tanks, which ultimately experience negative effects after long-term exposure to hot water. If properly maintained, Suburban porcelain water tanks allow Suburban heating units to last anywhere from 8 to 10 years, making them a great and affordable long-term purchase.

Types of Suburban Heating Units

Suburban Hot Water System (SW6DEA) Gas & 240V Electric - Watermark Certified 

A water heating extreme machine from Suburban, the SW6DEA offers a near-perfect solution for a 24-hour hot water supply in your RV, caravan or camper. Running on both propane gas and a 240 volt electrical connection, the system’s inbuilt water storage tank has a mammoth capacity of 22.6 litres, and a solid build quality consisting of a pressure tested high tensile steel body, durability-enhancing porcelain lining, and a replaceable anode rod for protection against corrosion. The anode rod serves the additional function of a drain plug, which is accessed via a service door that houses other components such as the heating filament and the limiter switch.

The Suburban SW6DEA puts an end to hot water woes while you’re on the road, its 1440W element and heavy duty insulation ensuring both high-speed water heating, and an efficient recovery rate of 40 litres per hour. The automatic spark ignition capability of the device is an added advantage during rough weather, allowing you to remotely control the heating operation from inside your motor home. Relatively compact despite its generous capacity, the Suburban SW6DEA not only makes for a simple installation process, but is also easy to service and maintain thanks to readily available spare parts.


  • Operates on both propane gas and 240V connection
  • Equipped with 12V direct spark ignition
  • Generous storage capacity of 22.6 litres
  • Pressure tested, high tensile steel storage tank with porcelain lining for durability
  • Replaceable anode rod to protect tank from corrosion
  • Effective foam tank insulation for minimal heat loss
  • Rapid heating via 1440W heating element
  • High recovery rate of 40 litres per hour, enabling continuous hot water supply
  • Remote control feature for access from inside the motor home
  • Compact size and intelligent design for easy installation
  • Rear service door and readily available spare parts, for simple maintenance


Suburban SW4DEA Hot Water Unit - Gas & 240v - Watermark Certified 

Characterized by a rare combination of superlative build quality and efficient performance, the Suburban hot water system range specialises in providing motor homes, RVs, caravans and campers with an uninterrupted supply of hot water. This particular model runs on both gas and electricity (240V), and is enabled with automatic 12 volt direct spark ignition for the LPG gas mode. The hot water system comes with a generous 15.1 litre water storage tank made of high tensile steel, lined with porcelain, and tested twice for reliability and quality assurance.

The Suburban Hot Water System is designed for durability, with simple but effective features that can greatly increase its lifespan. An anode rod protects the equipment from corrosion due to hot water. This rod can be easily accessed, removed to drain the tank, and replaced when eroded over time. Suburban hot water systems are known for their ease of use, effective foam insulation, high recovery rates (35 minutes on gas), and easy maintenance. Spare parts for the product are easily available at most commercial outlets. With the additional benefit of low gas consumption, this automatic dual-mode product is a highly efficient and economical choice for the water heating requirements of your motor home.


  • Compatible with both LPG gas and electricity (240V)
  • Automatic direct spark ignition (12V)
  • 15.1 litre water storage capacity
  • High recovery rate of 35 minutes on gas
  • Corrosion resistant, porcelain lined, pressure tested and durable storage tank
  • Effective foam tank insulation
  • Corrosion protection via replaceable anode rod
  • Simple tank drainage mechanism
  • Easy to access, service and maintain
  • Can be installed under the vehicle
  • Can be controlled remotely from inside the motor home
  • Powerful 1440W heating element
  • Low gas consumption of 10.5mj per hour


Suburban Gas Hot Water System SW6DA - Watermark Certified

A water heating system designed specifically for motor homes that spend a significant amount of time on the road, the Suburban SW6DA gas powered hot water system encapsulates superlative performance and easy operation. This Suburban HWS model features a direct spark ignition capability, and handles water pressures as high as 1050KPa. The unit is equipped with a host of convenient features to allow you uninterrupted access to hot water within your motor home. To begin with, the system has a massive 22.6 litre high tensile and pressure tested steel tank, which is porcelain lined for additional durability. A replaceable anode rod placed within the tank absorbs any corrosive action from the hot water, keeping your equipment safe. The Suburban SW6DA also insulates its water tank with the help of a copolymer jacket, thus maintaining a high recovery rate of 40 litres per hour.

Spare parts for your Suburban gas powered direct spark ignition water heater are easily available in the market. Installation and maintenance of the device is also simple, thanks to a service door that allows access to the reset button, limit switch, electric heating element and its on/off locker, as well as the anode rod that doubles up as a drain plug. The functions of the Suburban SW6DA can be accessed and controlled from the comfort of your vehicle’s interior, by means of a remote control. 



  • Propane gas powered, with direct spark ignition via 12V DC connection from inside the vehicle
  • 22.6 litre water storage capacity
  • Durable, pressure tested, porcelain lined steel tank
  • Combination anode rod/drain plug for corrosion protection
  • High maximum working pressure of 1050KPa
  • Copolymer insulation, enabling high recovery rate of 40 litres per hour
  • Easy access service door
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Remote control access, allowing operation and monitoring from within the vehicle in rough weather conditions


Manual Ignition Suburban Gas Hot Water System SW6PA - Watermark Certified

A budget hot water system from Suburban’s premium range, the SW6PA LPG gas powered water heater is an excellent means of getting 24 hour access to hot water in your RV, caravan or camper. Featuring a 22.6 litre high tensile steel storage tank, that is pressure tested and porcelain lined for additional durability, the system also includes an anode rod for corrosion protection. This rod is designed to additionally act as a drain plug for the tank, and can easily be replaced once eroded. The storage tank in this hot water system is insulated with the help of a foam insulation jacket, keeping heat losses to a minimum.

In tune with the core concepts that govern the design of all Suburban water heaters, the SW6PA has a compact build, and an easy installation mechanism. Servicing the system is also a hassle free process; a service door on its rear face allows access to the heating element, limiter switch, as well as the anode rod. In addition to this, spare parts for the device are readily available at commercial outlets, making maintenance tasks quick and simple. This particular model from the Suburban HWS range has manual ignition, which the user can easily activate from outside the vehicle, through the service door. 


  • Heavy duty high tensile steel tank with porcelain lining, pressure tested twice for durability check
  • Foam insulation around tank to minimise heat loss and maintain a high recovery rate of 40 litres per hour
  • Anode rod installed within water tank to prevent corrosion due to hot water
  • LPG gas operated model, with manual ignition, powered by the user from the easy access door located outside the vehicle
  • Compact proportions and smart design, making for easy installation and service
  • Readily available spare parts for simple maintenance


Suburban 240 Volt Hot Water System SW5EA - Watermark Certified 

Upgrade your RV, camper or caravan to a state-of-the-art motor home, with this high performance water heating system from the Suburban HWS range. The Suburban SW5EA is a 240 volt electricity powered water heater outfitted with an easy access door and a substantial storage capacity of 17.7 litres. The system comes with a pressure tested and foam insulated steel tank with porcelain lining. Easy, hassle free installation and maintenance lie at the very heart of the design of the Suburban SW5EA. An anode rod protects its water tank from corrosion, and can easily be replaced with a new part once it has gone through its lifespan. In addition to this, the design of the system also includes a 380mm square easy access service door, and restricts the water inlet and outlet junctions to the rear face, allowing space for setting up the connections.

This handy hot water system for motor homes facilitates rapid heating thanks to a powerful 1440W element, and keeps hot water readily available thanks to its massive storage capacity and high recovery rate of 21 litres per hour. Installing the Suburban SW5EA 240 water heater in your RV or caravan brings you continuous access to hot water while you’re on the road, so you can couple convenience with adventure over the course of your trip.


  • Installation friendly design with inlet and outlet pipe connections at the rear face
  • Generous water storage capacity of 18.9 litres
  • Heavy duty high tensile strength steel tank with porcelain lining
  • Corrosion protection of steel tank through replaceable anode rod
  • Easy access service door
  • Effective foam insulation, allowing high recovery rate of 21 litres per hour, or 35 minutes for the full tank capacity
  • Powerful heating element with 1440W rating
  • Designed with easy-to-replace components for hassle-free maintenance


If your in the market for a new hot water system then look no further than the Suburban and Truma range that offers the most advanced traveller simple, efficient hot water heating options. If you require further information or details on the products please dont hesitate in contacting one of our friendly staff on 1800 787 278 or