ADCO Caravan Cover 16-18' CRVCAC18 (4896-5508mm)

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Caravan RV Camping

ADCO 16-18ft Caravan Cover

Reliable and affordable protection for your caravan, when offered in a stylish package to boot, takes the shape of this ADCO product. This caravan cover is designed to fit all makes of caravans measuring between 16 and 18 feet in length. The smart design of the product provides for multiple straps and buckles to hold the cover in place, its front and rear cinching mechanisms pulling any loose fabric together and giving the cover a tight fit over your motorhome.

The all-weather design of this ADCO caravan cover takes all extreme climatic conditions into account, ranging from strong winds and rain, all the way to harsh sunlight. The 4-layered 160gsm Dupont Tyvek top panel of the product provides protection from moisture and UV rays, extending seamlessly over the front and back as well. The sides are built in 110gsm waterproof polypropylene with zippered doors that allow you to open your caravan’s doors and windows even when the cover is in use.

An innovative breathable design maintains essential air flow around the exterior of the caravan, preventing mould or mildew from building up. Other features include extra reinforced corners and an elasticised skirt for a snug fit along the bottom.



  • Designed for caravans measuring 16-18ft in length (4896-5508mm)
  • All-weather protection from wind, rain, snow and harsh sunlight
  • 4-layered Dupont Tyvek top provides protection from water and UV rays
  • 110gsm polypropylene sides provide additional water resistance while maintaining air circulation
  • Mould and mildew resistant design
  • Zippered doors on side panels allow access to the caravan’s doors and windows
  • Straps and buckles for easy installation and caravan specific fitting
  • Front and rear cinching mechanism to prevent billowing
  • Elasticised skirt all around the lower hem
  • Double stitched reinforced corners to prevent wear and tear
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty



  • Made to fit 16ft - 18ft caravans (4896-5508mm)
  • Length: 5508mm (adjustable)
  • Width: 2642mm  (allows for awning coverage)
  • Height: 2362mm (There is enough elasticity to cover Air Conditioners and Antennas up to 300mm in height above this measurement)
  • 100% waterproof roof
  • UV resistant 99.8%


Paul's Tip - How to choose the right caravan cover

Measure the exterior body length only of your caravan at its longest point to size these covers correctly.  Don't solely rely on the caravan manufacturers length specifications as it is common for manufacturers to size their caravan according to the interior floor plan measurement instead of the exterior body measurement.  Exterior body length can be up to 500mm longer in some cases due to the popularity of external storage spaces.

Exclude the drawbar and coupling - This will not be covered by the main cover.  (a small coupling cover is included) 

​Exclude the rear bumper, spare wheel, gas bottles and tool boxes when measuring at this point.  Caravan Accessories like spare wheels, tool boxes or gas bottles generally are able to be covered due to the greater elasticity of ADCO Covers and also because these items do not fill out the entire height from bottom to top allowing the cover to stretch over a little easier.  If your caravans exterior length is on the upper length limit of the ADCO cover, I would consider going up to the next size if you intend on covering anything more than just a spare wheel on the back.  If your caravans exterior length is on the lower length limit of the cover, then you have approx 600mm extra length that can accommodate a tool box or gas bottles as well.  The tighter the fit the better to reduce excess flapping.  

ADCO covers are designed to accomodate all rooftop accessories eg:  Airconditioners, Antennas & Solar Panels up to approximately 300mm. 

These covers are adjustable using straps and buckles eliminating the need for ropes making it that little bit quicker and easier to install. 


For more information on these covers, please contact one of our friendly staff on PH: 1800 787 278 (1800 RV PARTS) or drop us a line at 


Adco Caravan Cover safely installed

21 May 2017
We have installed our Adco Cover over our Pop Top Caravan to Protect it from the elements. as we live near the Sea. We will be monitoring, how long the cover lasts as our previous cover, Not a Adco only lasted 18 months. The Cover was easy to install and bought it because it has a 3 year warranty

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Caravan RV Camping

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Caravan RV Camping

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