ADCO Pop Top Cover 12-14' CRVPTC14 (3672-4284mm)

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Caravan RV Camping

ADCO 12-14ft Pop Top Caravan Cover

Designed for small pop-tops measuring between 12 and 14 feet in length, this ADCO cover is a reliable means of protecting your motorhome between camping trips. The superior quality cover is built in a combination of 4-layered Dupont Tyvek and heavy duty polypropylene, the former featuring on the top panel and the latter on the front, back and sides. The Tyvek panel guards your pop-top against harmful UV rays, while also beading away any water that comes into contact with it. The polypropylene sides are also waterproof, with strategically located vents to maintain basic air circulation around your motorhome and keep it mildew-free.

Practical features of this cover include a cinching system to gather up any loose fabric and an elasticised hem to give it a snug fit around the base of your pop-top. Double stitching and extra reinforcements at the corners additionally contribute towards a worry-free off-season. Designed for a motorhome that deserves the best, this ADCO 12-14ft pop-top cover is a value-for-money purchase, and features a stylish modern look to match its premium build quality. It is supplied with a storage bag and is covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.



  • Designed for small pop-tops measuring 12-14ft in length
  • Provides effective protection against wind, rain, snow, mould and sun exposure
  • Features a 4-layered Dupont Tyvek top that beads water and blocks 99.8% of UV rays
  • Polypropylene front, back and side panels provide water resistance while also ensuring breathability through air vents
  • Elasticised hem to ensure a snug fit around the base of any compatible pop-top
  • Front cinching system to gather up loose fabric for a better fit
  • Extra reinforcements and double stitching for added protection at all corners
  • Stylish modern look with a white-and-grey finish
  • Supplied with a storage bag
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty



  • Made to fit 12ft - 14ft Pop Top caravans (3672-4284mm)
  • 100% waterproof roof
  • UV resistant 99.8%
  • Width 2.57 M
  • Height 1.80 M

  • Complete nearside access to front and rear side doors via zips per Australia caravans


Paul's Tip

​Measure your caravan at it's longest point, excluding rear bumper & spare wheel. ADCO covers are designed to accomodate all rooftop accessories eg:  airconditioners & solar panels. 

ADCO Pop Top cover

By: on 30 October 2017
Light and easy to put on, tie downs work really well. Door entry nice and wide.

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I have a xxxxx brand Cover on my 22 ft van and it has virtually fallen to pieces on top after 3 years. Will ADCO fair any better?

Absolutely, the ADCO Caravan Covers are a fantastic quality cover due to their 4 layer material technology and are warranted for 3 years minimum.  These covers do not perish as easily under extreme conditions like some caravan covers on the market.  The ADCO are the easy to install as they are comparative with weight, have buckles instead of ropes and have more elasticity than their rivals.  Measure the exterior length of your caravan and select the cover to suit a poptop or full height caravan.  (height and width are standardised)



Caravan RV Camping

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