5 Caravan Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier in 2017

This year, it’s time to take your caravanning game to the next level – by investing in a premier range of caravan accessories that will make your home-on-wheels the perfect mobile abode for all your outback, beach and bush adventures - whichever you prefer. In this post, we’ll be trying to help you get started, with a line-up of uber-cool and ultra-useful caravan accessories that should feature on your caravanning furnishing wish list to make your life easier this year.

1. A Bike Rack

Caravanning across  Australia is one thing, but actually going deep into the natural wonders and cultural heartlands of the areas you visit is a whole new ballgame. This year, add a treasure-trove of stories and memories to your experiences, by embarking on bicycle treks wherever you go. A good quality bike rack is the perfect partner to your caravan or RV, and it’s high time that you owned one. Don’t skimp on quality; a multi-bike carrier such as the Fiamma Carry Bike 200 DJ Sprinter will support 2 bikes at a time, keep them safely attached to your caravan and save you a great deal of installation time as well.

2. A 3 Way Car Cooler

Wait, isn’t the new-age caravan supposed to have the best caravan refrigerator in the market? Precisely, but are you looking for something that also meets the highest standards of energy efficiency a 12V cooler? If you're after a 3-way variety the WAECO 35L 3 Way Cooler, brings you an efficient, minimal and highly effective refrigeration solution, which powers off as soon as it has reached its target temperature, and in an emergency, can run for days at a stretch on gas alone. We don’t mean to imply that a caravan refrigerator is passé; what we suggest is that you additionally get one of these cooling pros in your caravan, to actually ace the refrigeration situation no matter how far from the grid you’re located.

3. A Caravan Level Indicator

It’s 2017, and we’re way past the drill of manually inspecting our caravans to check that they’re level with our towing vehicles. Let’s pass on the hard work to a simple electronic solution – the caravan level indicator, a cool piece of gadgetry that sits on your caravan floor and lets you know whether or not it’s level with your car. Try Ezylevel, a wireless system consisting of 2 parts, a transmitter that goes in the caravan, and a receiver that sits in your vehicle.

4. A Rear View Camera

Sure, you have towing mirrors, and sure, they’re functional. But when it comes to making your life that little bit easier with some new caravan accessories, we can’t stop at just functional, can we? Rear view cameras, with their unmatched ability to make reversing your caravan a piece of cake, they are rapidly leaving the category of ‘optional add-ons’ for the category of ‘caravan must-haves’. Fit a rear view camera to the back of your caravan to attain complete control over the reversing process. Cramped spaces? Tight corners? In 2016 maybe!

5. A Telescopic Cleaning Pole

This is probably the cheapest item on our caravan accessories wish list, but take a moment to factor in its advantages. A telescopic cleaning pole, such as the Premier One Flow Through Pole, will cut your caravan cleaning efforts by half. At the very least, an all-in-one tool with attachments for paint rollers, brushes and broom heads, this cool piece of equipment is ultra-lightweight and retracts into a very convenient little package. What’s more, it can also accept a 2.5m extension, transforming into a car wash hose (with an on/off button, no less!).

There’s a whole world of cool and functional caravan accessories out there that also deserve a place on your 2017 wish list. Our attempt was to get you thinking about the kind of gear you should have in your new-age caravan. Keep browsing the world of caravanning innovations to learn about new and improved accessories that can revolutionise your home-on-wheels. Happy shopping!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.