Eberspacher Airtronic AM2 Diesel Air Heater Kit - D4R, 12 Volt, Single Outlet with EasyStart Pro Controller

Eberspacher AM2 D4R SINGLE 12V E/PRO

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Eberspacher Airtronic AM2 Diesel Air Heater Kit - D4R, 12 Volt, Single Outlet with EasyStart Pro Controller


The Eberspächer Airtronic AM2 D4R offers cozy warmth in your RV during the day and night, at every stage of your journey. It provides optimized fuel efficiency, a range of operation modes and unsurpassed safety standards. You can easily program the heating to deliver hot blown air until the desired temperature is achieved. It can be installed in passenger areas and has quiet operation. Ideal for life on the road, this efficient diesel heater you will save you power and money.

Eberspacher is a global climate control company founded in Germany in 1865. Dometic are the Australian distributors for the Eberspacher range and provide nationwide warranty and spare parts support.

Heater Kit includes:

  • Airtronic AM2 D4R Air Heater - 12V
  • New AX2 EasyStart Pro Controller
  • Wiring Loomes
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Line - 6 meter
  • Ducting - 2 meter, 60mm
  • Exhaust - 2 meter
  • Intake Duct - 0.5 meter
  • Mounting Hardware - Brackets & screws for installation



  • Fully electronic microprocessor control
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Power stage to cut heating times
  • Smooth automatic room temperature control with a temperature pre-set facility
  • Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for longer periods of operation
  • More comfort thanks to wide control range and quiet night-time operation
  • Diagnostic system



  • Interfaces: CAN, LIN (only 12V), S+.
  • Service life 5,000 h.
  • Brushless motor.
  • Use of the latest EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web control units.
  • Diagnostics and parameter assignment via EasyScan.
  • Starting capability down to –46°C.
  • Stepless heating performance control.
  • Noise emissions optimized.
  • Use of acoustically improved metering pump.
  • Integrated altitude sensor: Automatic altitude adjustment up to 3,000m; Optimized combustion.


Additional Features:

  • Universal installation kit for all versions.
  • Air scoops provided separately to the installation kit.
  • Metering pump included in delivery with Airtronic S2 / M2.
  • Identical to Airtronic 1: Installation positions; Repair and spare parts; Installation space and mechanical interfaces (air, exhaust and combustion air).
  • Heating-air connection diameters: 2kW: Ø 60mm and Ø 75mm. 4kW: Ø 75mm and Ø 90mm
  • ADR compatibility of the 24V versions.



  • Input voltage (DC) - 12 V
  • Heating  Performance Control - Stepless
  • Fuel type - Diesel 
  • Fuel consumption peak -  0.51 l/h
  • Service Life - 5,000
  • Heating Performance (Watt) - 900 to 4,000
  • Heating-Air Throughput (kg/h) - 190 (Ø 90mm)
  • Guide Number** - Ø 75mm: 8; Ø 90mm: 15
  • Electrical Power Consumption Watt - 6 (min) to 65 (max)
  • Heater Operating Temperature °C - -40 to +70
  • Main Dimensions L x W x H mm - 371 x 140 x 150
  • Net weight 4.5 kg
  • Protection Rating*** - Heater: IP5K6K, IP5K9K
  • Interfaces - CAN, LIN (only 12V), S+


Warranty Period: 2 Years

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Diesel Heater Success

By: on 12 April 2021

We purchased the heater and the service and assistance was superb. Very happy with our purchase.

  • Can I install my diesel heater under the bed?

    Yes, you can. Just note that there will be some noise due to the intake of the heater as well as a ticking sound from the fuel pump. Therefore, it is probably best to install the heater away from the bedroom.

  • How does the size of the area to be heated affect which diesel heater to purchase?

    A larger area might require a twin outlet or a more powerful heater.

    • A 2kW diesel heater will be sufficient for a vehicle around 4-6 metres
    • If the layout affect the heat flow or the area is a bit larger, a twin outlet is recommended
    • With a large motorhome or fifth wheeler, it is best to opt for a 4kW diesel heater

  • Does the diesel heater come with a fuel tank?

    No, a fuel tank is not included with the purchase of a diesel heater. You will need to add a fuel tank to your order. However, if the vehicle runs on diesel, you will be able to plumb into the vehicle's fuel tank.

  • Can I use biodiesel or kerosene to fuel the diesel heater?

    No, it is recommended that you only use high grade diesel, and not biodiesel or kerosene.

  • What is the difference between the rotary and digital controllers for diesel heaters?
    • Rotary controllers do not have a thermostat and consist of a dial that is based on feel and you will need to turn it up or down until you are satisfied with the temperature. The heat will remain constant once set to a specific dial position.
    • Digital controllers have a thermostat and you are able to digitally select a temperature. These controllers also have a timer that can be set if you only want to run the heater for a certain amount of time. 
      • It is recommended the digital controller be installed at waist height as a result of heat rising. It will reach its temperature too soon if installed too high or will have to work too hard if the thermostat is too low.
  • Should I buy a gas or diesel heater?

    It depends on your personal requirements. Please see the pros and cons of both below:


    • Pros
      • Most caravans already have gas appliances so adding a gas heater is relatively straightforward
      • Purchase cost is lower than a diesel heater
      • Noise is lower than diesel heater
    • Cons
      • A number of regulatory requirements apply for installation: a gas heater flue cannot be installed too close to a window, door or other gas appliance inlet or outlet, or under an enclosed annex
      • A licensed gas fitter is required to connect the gas heater and provide a compliance certificate
      • In temperatures of two degrees and under, the heater won�t function
      • Produces a wet heat resulting in unwanted humidity and condensation


    • Pros
      • You don�t need a licence for installation
      • Superior heating performance compared to a gas heater
      • Produces a clean dry heat as opposed to the wet heat produced by a gas heater
    • Cons
      • More expensive to buy than a gas heater
      • Generally noisier than a gas heater
      • You need a clear space below the heater for the exhaust
      • Extra diesel tank needed