Trail-A-Mate Mark II: Caravan Jack with 1,500kg Lifting Capacity

When it comes to camping adventures, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even a small task like replacing a tire can become extremely stressful when the proper equipment is not on hand.

A high-quality jack is one of the most important tools to bring along on your travels, as it can help you with a variety of common tasks, including:

  • Replacing  RV tires
  • Raising the RV for nipple and suspension work
  • Hitching

However, campers with heavier caravans often have difficulty finding a jack that is compatible with their RV. Trail-A-Mate’s Hydraulic Jockey Wheel and Jack is an extremely popular multi-functional option; however, it is only engineered to be used with caravans up to 1,000kg in weight.

To meet the demand of campers with heavier caravans, Trail-A-Mate has also released a high-powered RV caravan jack known as the Trail-A-Mate Mark II. The following few paragraphs, are based on Caravan RV Camping experience and will be providing a brief overview of the Trail-A-Mate Mark II, including features and specifications. 

Trail-A-Mate: A Trusted Brand

For a number of years, Trail-A-Mate has worked closely alongside the Australian Government, helping them develop the Mandatory Safety Standard for Caravan and Trailer Jacks. In addition to this collaboration, Trail-A-Mate products are also often used by the Australian Defense Force to aid in transporting heavy and awkwardly-shaped cargo, such as telescopes. These projects, in combination with Trail-A-Mate’s consistent dedication to quality and safety, have made them a highly trusted brand throughout the country of Australia.

Trail-A-Mate Mark II Features

The Trail-A-Mate Mark II boasts a number of attractive features that make it a perfect choice for campers with heavier caravans.Firstly, as mentioned, Trail-A-Mate is an extremely reputed brand, often consulting and working alongside the Australian government on a variety of projects.

Although Trail-A-Mate had previously released a basic jack and jockey model, it was only compatible with RV’s up to 1,000kg in weight. The Trail-A-Mate Mark II, however, is engineered to provide incredible hydraulic power and a lift capacity of 1,500kg.

In addition to its increased power, the Mark II is one of the first jacks to eliminate the need to lay under your RV while changing a tire, vastly reducing the chances of accidents. Lastly, although the installation of the Trail-A-Mate Mark II will require the purchase of an additional 60 mm clamp, the system comes equipped with its own jockey stand, ultimately balancing out the cost.

Trail-A-Mate Mark II Specifications

  • Lifting capacity of 1,500kg
  • Working load limit of 1,500kg
  • Maximum aggregated trailer mass (ATM) of 3,500kg
  • Minimum height of 145mm
  • Maximum height of 780mm
  • Maximum lifting range of 380mm

Trail-A-Mate Mark II Safety Tips

  • Always use the Trail-A-Mate Mark II on smooth, sturdy surfaces
  • Ensure all campers have exited the caravan prior to raising
  • Read all instructions before attempting to raise the caravan

To explore Trail-A-Mate’s Hydraulic Jockey Wheel & Jack, please click here. For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Caravan RV Camping directly at 1800-RV-PARTS.