What to Consider when Purchasing a Caravan

After years of contemplating, months of convincing, and weeks of budgeting and saving, you’re finally ready to purchase a caravan. You’ve got a slight bounce in your step and are ready to relax with a drink to celebrate that the work is finally over. Unfortunately, however, you still have many decisions ahead of you. 
Saving up and deciding to buy is just the beginning. Have you even begun to consider what kind of things you’d like to be included in your caravan?Most first-time caravan buyers, in a haste of excitement, fail to totally think all of their caravan decisions through. If you’re a first-time buyer in the market for a new caravan, you should definitely be considering the following three things: 
•    Whether you want a fridge- and if so, what kind?
•    Whether you want an onboard bathroom- and if so, consisting of what?
•    What type of power source you anticipate using

Caravan Fridge or Icebox?
Although some caravan campers swear by caravan fridges, other will be quick to tell you that a high-quality icebox can do the job just fine. Really though, the necessity of a caravan fridge all depends on your needs. Ask yourself questions such as how long you plan on going away, or whether you anticipate embarking on any off-the-grid adventures? Don’t forget, however, that specialised caravan fridges also use a fair amount of electricity to run, so it’s best to weigh your options wisely prior to making your final choice. 

Integrated Bathroom or Porta Potty?

Although some caravans come equipped with a complete bathroom, others do not.  While some campers are totally fine using a porta potty and/or public facilities, some campers just cannot go without the privacy and cleanliness a personal bathroom can provide. A toilet isn’t the only thing in a bathroom, however. Being fine with using a porta potti does not necessarily mean that you’d be willing to go without a convenient place to take a shower. 

Onboard, integrated bathrooms can be particularly useful for families travelling with small children. Having a bathroom and shower nearby eliminate the need for the children to have to hold their bladder and also make for easy cleaning after various camping activities and messes. 

Even though most campers enjoy the break from society, most of us are still accustomed to the comforts of home. Long trips can become tedious when we’re deprived of everyday luxuries like television, air conditioning, and home-cooked meals. To what extent will you be willing to live without these accommodations?

Once you’ve determined how far you’re willing to go when it comes to rugged living, you need to decide how you will be powering the appliances/accommodations you have decided on. Always consider various power options before settling. The Australian caravan industry has come a long way in recent years and a generator is no longer the standard, go-to option.  Be sure to also check out a variety of batteries and solar panels to make sure you’re truly getting the best option for you needs.