Winter-proofing Your Caravan with Suburban Water Heaters

For the past several years, Suburban has maintained its position of being the industry leader in caravan hot water systems. This American manufacturing company specialises in creating high performance, energy efficient water heating solutions for RVs, caravans and trailers. Its caravan hot water system range is also characterised by immense sensitivity to specific installation and usage criteria. No two caravans are alike, which implies that the hot water system in every caravan should be specifically tailored to the requirements and preferences of its users. Suburban tackles this issue with finesse; let’s find out how.

Suburban manufactures a variety of water heaters. The most basic type – the gas powered Suburban hot water system range – comes with a pilot ignition that has to be manually lit with the help of a regular match or lighter. Within this category, one can purchase water heaters with multiple storage capacities ranging from 4 to 16 gallons. Of note here is the fact that even the most generously sized caravan hot water system will only hold a fraction of the volume of water that your regular home water heater can sustain. It is thus important to understand that regardless of the level of sophistication of your caravan’s water heater, you must use hot water sparingly while camping.

That said, a Suburban hot water system will certainly get you the best features on the market. Other than the basic LP gas operated heaters with pilot ignition, the company offers a range of direct spark ignition models that can be started from the comfort of your caravan or RV, with the help of a remote control switch. The modes of operation of the Suburban water heater collection can vary between ‘gas only’ and ‘gas plus electric’ types. The latter gives you the option of using a power hook-up – say the type you get at a caravan park – to heat up your caravan’s water. Another variety of Suburban water heater is equipped to utilise power from your RV’s engine, reducing your dependence on an external power supply.

Every Suburban hot water system is optimised to simplify operation and reduce maintenance. For starters, it will be accompanied by the added advantage of the best recovery rates in the industry. Even a basic gas type Suburban water heater will reheat the stored water at the rate of over 10 gallons an hour. This brings a world of convenience to all your winter caravanning trips, giving you the option of a hot shower anytime and anywhere. In addition to this, Suburban products come with porcelain lined tanks for added durability, and anode rods for additional corrosion protection. These anode rods are easy to replace once worn out. Which is yet another advantage of choosing Suburban – the company makes maintenance and repair a breeze, thanks to easily replaceable parts and an intelligent arrangement of components allowing for easy access.

Armed with a Suburban water heater, your caravan or RV will brave all winter blues. Check out the caravan hot water system offered by Suburban today, to learn more about the product best suited to your caravan.