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THE CARAVAN STEP BY STEP 'N' STORE - Nominated for Best Caravan Product of the Year!!! 

The revolutionary new STEP 'N' STORE Caravan Step is a lightweight aluminium step that has a few extra handly little features that make this the most popular caravan step on the market. As well as being able to easily step up into your caravan, the STEP 'N' STORE has enough room to conveniently store a few pairs of shoes, a waste bin, a broom and even a fishing rod!

The STEP 'N' STORE is the first thing you will grab out once you have arrived at your destination, and will be the last item packed away when you leave making this caravan step a convenient way to enter and exit your caravan while also storing the essentials. There is no need to collapse the step at all, as it just gets stowed behind the caravan access door whilst travelling with all the essentials still in place.

The lightweight caravan step will not only help you enter and exit your caravan, it will hold and store a wide array of items that are considered handy around the campsite and include: 

  • A neat receptacle that securely holds bins up off the ground and securely in place.
  • A shoe rack to hold the families shoes out of the weather and off the ground.
  • A set of 3 handy storage holes for your brooms, umbrellas, fishing rods etc...


The Step 'N' Store is also handy for people camping in tents as it can be used as a platform that can hold an esky, shoes and anything else that may be handy to keep off the ground. Made from lightweight aluminium and sold fully assembled, the STEP 'N' STORE is easy to lift in and out of your camper van, car or caravan and able to be placed on many types of flooring with 'grip' rubber feet so that it doesn't move whilst travelling.

This caravan Step isn't just for caravanning or camping, its able to help assist you around the house with its storage receptacle, safely useable for holding buckets, paint tins or tool boxes for any handyman jobs. This was designed and made by Australians, it is built tough and capable of holding up to 180kg. This product is practical, sturdy, has no moving parts and is easily stored when not in use.



  • Lightweight aluminium step
  • Built in shoe rack
  • Provides secure receptacle for a bin
  • Provision for umbrella, broom, mop, fishing rod etc
  • No Moving Parts
  • Sturdy, heavy duty, generous platform
  • Generous weight allowance of 180 kg
  • Multiple uses
  • Heavy duty rubber feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintains an organised camp site
  • Holds a wide range of kitchen tidy bins
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Solves storage problems in transit



  • Weight: 6kgs
  • Dimensions: 990mm x 340mm x 270mm



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Q: What's the difference between a step n store caravan step and a normal caravan step?

A: The difference between the Step 'N' Store caravan step and a normal caravan step is that the Step 'N' Store is able to hold items to help keep your caravan in a neater environment, such as a bin, shoes, mops, brooms, fishing rods and umbrellas etc.


Q: Does the step 'n' store fold up?

A: No, although being able to travel with your shoes, bin, broom, fishing rods etc without having to pack and unpack all these items every time you move is pretty convenient and saves you space in the cupboards that would ordinarily house these items. 


Q: How heavy is the caravan step?

A: The Step 'N' Store is Approximately 6kgs


Q: Can i use this step at home?

A: Yes! The Step 'N' Store can be used at home with ease and can be used as a convenient storage device for shoes, a bin, mop and broom handles etc.  


Q: How much pressure can this step take?

A: The Step 'N' Store Safe Working Load is a generous 180kg 

Caravan RV Camping

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