The Best Caravan Covers

ADCO: Australia’s Choice Caravan Cover Provider 

There is no denying that a Caravan can be an expensive purchase.

If you’ve already taken the plunge and bought one, you already understand how valuable the investment can be and will likely be wanting to protect it.

A good way to do this is by using a cover.  

A high-quality caravan cover provides caravans with protection from various types of common damage (like mold, dirty rain, tree sap, and UV wear), all the while functioning as a method of theft protection, assuming that for thieves, “out of sight means out of mind”.

Caravan RV Camping, with over 40 years of experience in the caravanning industry, are large proponents of ADCO-branded caravan covers, in particular.  

The following few paragraphs will give you a brief idea as to why.

The ADCO Brand

ADCO Products Incorporated was founded in 1955.

Since its foundation in the 50s, the ADCO brand has grown and risen to become the top manufacturer of caravan covers Australia-wide.

Currently advertised as a “fourth-generation family-owned sewing company”, ADCO Products Incorporated has to date manufactured over 20 million protective caravan covers for countless satisfied customers worldwide.

This is in addition to their large variety of assorted, custom soft-goods.

Most recently, ADCO Products Incorporated was awarded Readers Choice Awards from both popular Motorhome and Trailer Life magazines.

Overall, ADCO prides themselves on a combination of high-value, trusted customer service and unbeatable quality.

Each of their superior quality caravan covers is protected under a comprehensive 3-year manufacturer warranty.

ADCO Covers:  Features and Benefits

As mentioned, ADCO prides themselves on a combination of high-value, impeccable customer service, and unmatched product quality.

However, ADCO also stands out for a few other reasons:

  • Easy size selection
  • Innovative, high-quality materials

Size Selection

One mistake campers often make when purchasing a caravan cover is buying the wrong size.

ADCO takes the difficulty out of size selection by offering all covers in standard caravan height and width specifications.

This means that you only need to know the length of your RV to purchase the right size, ultimately making selecting the right caravan cover easier than ever before.

Innovative, High-Quality Materials

Because buying a low-quality caravan cover means less resilience and a shorter product lifespan, ADCO always goes above and beyond when selecting their materials.

As a result, their covers have since come to be known as “the most durable, all-climate covers on the market”.

Each and every cover is engineered with durable polypropylene side and top panels. 

Each of these panels is composed of 4 separate layers of breathable, high-quality Dupont Tyvek, specially designed to repel beaded water and protect against UV damage.

In addition to these materials, they also feature reinforced corners, air vents geared towards mold prevention, and a zippered door for easy user access.

As mentioned, each and every ADCO caravan cover is additionally protected under a comprehensive, 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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