Portable Caravan & Camping Projectors

Portable Projectors


Keep the kids entertained or enjoy a romantic date night with a camping projector from BenQ. Choose from two models here at Caravan RV Camping.


Put a new spin on your camping trips with a portable camping projector designed specifically for the outdoors. After you’ve been exploring all day and are settling down for the night, why not snuggle down and enjoy a movie together with a camping projector? You can even use a camping projector in the backyard to keep the kids entertained on a staycation! Feeling romantic? Set up the camping projector for a special date night.


Camping Projectors by BenQ

We sell two models of portable camping projectors by BenQ. Both models are designed to be compact, light, and have rechargeable batteries. As a bonus, they also double as Bluetooth speakers! Because they’re designed for camping, these projectors will withstand the elements and feature good water and shock/drop resistance. Choose the mini portable video projector with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth speaker or go big with the GS2 model which features 720p resolution, which is ideal for outdoor viewing distances. Compare the two models in our online store today and entertain the whole family on your next trip!