Caravan Awning Accessories

Awning Accessories

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Make sure you have the right caravan awning accessories for your setup. These accessories can ensure the right tension is applied on the awning fabric, the arms are braced in place and your awning will not fly away!

Adding a caravan awning expands your living space, provides shade on hot, sunny days, and offers protection from bad weather. Make sure your awning performs at its best with the right caravan awning accessories.


High Quality Caravan Awning Accessories

We carry top brands caravan awning accessories, including reputable names you know and trust such as Fiamma, Carefree and Dometic. This means you can be confident the accessories are high quality and reliable.


Repair Kits

Find everything you need to repair your awning. Buy repair patches, reinforcement patches, and repair tape. With our repair kits, you can quickly fix your awning and enjoy the rest of your trip.


Protect Your Awning from Flapping

Windy days can cause flapping of your awning, which can damage it with one strong gust. That’s why it’s worthwhile buying an anti-flap or deflapper kits to attach to your awning. We also stock tie down straps, awning fixing kits, handles, tensioners and much more.

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NOMAD Awning Organiser

NOMAD Awning Organiser


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Narva 12V LED Awning Lamp with PIR Sensor

Narva 12V LED Awning Lamp with PIR Sensor

$115.00 $170.00