Tow Ball Accessories

Make your towing life easier with our fantastic range of Tow Ball Accessories

Tow balls are sadly the most unappreciated of all caravanning equipment. This is unfortunate because, let’s be real, all of our amazing camping trips wouldn’t even be possible without the handy little suckers. 


In an effort to show our tow balls a little bit of love and appreciation, Caravan RV Camping has hand selected the most innovative and useful tow ball accessories currently available on the market. One such tow ball accessory is the custom tow ball scales by Towsafe’s. With a weighing capacity ranging from 100 to 350kg, this easy to use Towsafe Tow Ball Scale requires only the lowering of your RV onto it for a rapid read and is highly regarded for its industry-leading accuracy and dependability. For any tow ball questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our experts via phone at 1800 RV PARTS (787 278). We look forward to hearing from you today!