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Keep your drinking water fresh with a caravan fresh water hose. You may have the ideal tank fitted to your caravan, but your set-up isn’t complete without a caravan fresh water hose to keep the water flowing to your taps. Shop our range of caravan fresh water hoses from Coast to Coast, Camec and Camco.

Drink Safe Water with A Caravan Fresh Water Hose

Choose from our range of caravan freshwater hoses designed specifically to keep your water tasting exactly as it should. The Camec Drinking Water Hose is made from durable non-toxic materials that resists leaks and kinks, so you don’t have to worry about your previous water being wasted. Best of all, there’s no taste added, and the hose will not taint the water. Our caravan fresh water hoses come with fittings, but always double check to make sure you have the right tap fittings before you head off on your trip.


Shop our range of hoses in various lengths to suit your needs, from 10 metres up to 20 metres. We also sell accessories to make using your hose easy, including a handy storage bag, reel and extension hoses.

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