Caravan Roof Rafter

Roof Rafters

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Roof rafters for caravans are designed to further support your awning at multiple points along your caravan reducing the overall stress placed at the hardware mounting points on each end of the awning.

Supporting your vinyl at regular intervals will help reduce water pooling and excess flapping. Roof rafters are made curved or straight depending on the brand of awning you have.  

Curved Roof Rafters

Curved roof rafters are designed with a curve to aid with water runoff by putting an artificial curved pitch in your vinyl awning.  The larger the curve, the less chance water can pool and the less chance wind can cause excess flapping.  Most larger caravans generally use 2 or 3 roof rafters.  A good rule of thumb is to not allow your vinyl to span more than 6ft without placing a roof rafter. Whilst you can use either a Maxi or Mini curved roof rafter, generally the larger awnings have more stretch and would be beneficial to have a larger curve.