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Is the exterior of your caravan looking a bit worse for wear? Touch it up with some caravan paint. Peeling or chipped paint makes your caravan look ugly, plus it can also cause damage to your caravan over time. It could make it more susceptible to rust and corrosion. A quick caravan paint job will help your caravan look better, be protected and ultimately last longer.


Touch Up with Caravan Paint

Road chips from gravel and sand can happen to any caravan. But even though they might seem like a small issue at first, they can quickly grow into a bigger problem that compromises the longevity of your beloved home on wheels. Keep on top of wear and tear with a can of caravan paint.


A quick and easy solution is Touch-up Spray Paint which is a caravan paint specially made to match Colorbond and powder-coat finishes. All you need to do is find the colour to match your caravan exterior, and spray over the chip marks. It’s not just for your caravan – you can also use it around the home on fencing, roofing, gardening equipment, boats and more.


Shop for the caravan paint colour to matches your caravan, including cream, violet tone white and yellow tone white. Browse our caravan paint from Coast to Coast and Camec.

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