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Anderson Plugs

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Safely power your fridge, solar set-up and dual battery systems with an Anderson plug.


Why You Need an Anderson Plug

Do you have a battery that needs charging or a fridge that operates off a 12V supply? An Anderson plug is essential to your caravan or camper trailer. Many new camper trailers come with Anderson plug connections to help you make better use of your 12V power system. You can use an Anderson plug as part of a portable solar panel kit to charge your batteries. 

High Quality Anderson Plugs

Shop our range of Anderson plugs in 50A ratings, making them ideal for connecting your trailer, boat or any other connection up to 50A. Plugs are designed to lock securely together and provide a solid connection between two cables.


Our range of Anderson plugs includes Baintech, Narva and Thunder. Good quality Anderson plugs will maintain their connections over the roughest terrain. But if you know you’re heading off road, we sell durable, rugged connectors designed for 4WD tracks. You’ll also find boot covers and mounting brackets for Anderson plugs so you can keep your connections securely in place.


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