Support Legs & Stabilisers

Support Legs & Stabilisers

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Worried about your caravan rocking in the wind? Camping on uneven ground? Stabilise your recreational vehicle with minimum effort using support leg stabilisers. Whether you have an off-road camper, large motorhome or small caravan, stabilisers will ensure your vehicle is sturdy when stationary. Stabilisers are height adjustable, making them adaptable to your needs.

Stay Still and Steady with Stabilisers

Caravan stabilisers are like extra support legs that you secure to the underside of your motorhome. The great thing about stabilisers is that they can be manually adjusted to suit the site and conditions, so your caravan will stay steady for the duration of your trip.


Discover our wide range of stabilisers from ALKO and Camec. Choose from adjustable and drop-down corner stabilisers which you simply wind down using a jack handle. Some have large feet for even more stability on chocks. Depending on your vehicle, you can find stabilisers that drop between 415mm to 840mm, making them versatile for your camping needs. All of the products are made from high quality materials and boast a robust, easy to use design so you can stabilise your caravan in an instant.


Shop stabilisers for your caravan, motorhome or trailer today.

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