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Make every adventure as comfortable as possible with the right caravan toilet. Caravan toilets are not the most glamourous item on your holiday shopping list, but they are essential for every comfortable road trip.


Buying a caravan toilet is made easy thanks to our extensive range from top brands Camec, Coast to Coast, Dometic and Thetford.


Every Type of Caravan Toilet

There are three main types of caravan toilet: gravity flush, cassette and portable toilets. And we have them all in our online store.

A gravity flush toilet is a traditional caravan toilet with a simple style of flushing: the bowl contents drop directly into a holding tank installed directly underneath and the gravity flush is permanently installed in your caravan.

Cassette toilets are a popular choice for caravans, RVs and campervans. A compact toilet bowl is installed over a removable waste tank. When the tank is full, simply remove it through a service door and empty it into the dump point.

Portable toilets are popular for small caravans as well as tent camping and 4WDs. The toilet bowl is made of a lightweight plastic with a small water tank, on top of a small waste tank. When full, remove the waste tank and empty into a dump point.  Easy!


Bathroom and Plumbing Accessories

Don’t leave home without the right caravan toilet and bathroom accessories for your caravan, right down to RV and marine toilet tissue! You’ll find plumbing pipe in various lengths, connectors, plugs, shower heads, spare cassettes and carry bags for your caravan toilet.




$10.00 $13.00

Dometic CTS 4110 cassette toilet

Dometic CTS 4110 cassette toilet

$640.00 $900.00