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Caravan fridge vents are a must have if you want your fridge to work efficiently and keep your food and drinks cool while you travel. It’s not the most exciting product on the shopping list but don’t leave home without checking out our range of caravan fridge vents.


Why Caravan Fridge Vents?

If your fridge is not getting cold enough or not coping in hot weather, better ventilation could be the answer. Many caravan fridges, especially absorption fridges, require caravan fridge vents on the outside of the vehicle. These vents are the only way hot air can leave your fridge during the cooling process, so make sure your fridge has got one! Adding a caravan fridge vent to your vehicle is the best way to get longer life and better performance from your fridge.


Here at Caravan RV Camping we sell a wide range of caravan fridge vents for popular brands, including Thetford, Dometic and Camco.  We sell single Camco RV fridge vents for the top of RVs, Dometic plastic roof vent bases for a range of upright absorption fridges, Thetford vents in black or white, and many more. Find the caravan fridge vent to match your fridge in our wide range.

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