Caravan Grey Water Tanks

Grey Water Tanks

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Dispose of greywater safely and responsibly with a caravan grey water tank. It might not be exciting, but a grey water tank is an essential part of your caravan’s water system.


Why You Need A Caravan Grey Water Tank

First, what is grey water? It’s basically any waste water from your caravan, RV or motorhome that comes from anywhere except the toilet. Greywater includes any used water from the bathroom sink, kitchen sink, shower, washing machine, and so on.


You can’t dump this water just anywhere. Greywater often contains oils, detergents, chemicals, soaps, food scraps, and a whole heap of other additives. So, when you are travelling around Australia, there is an etiquette to how you dispose of grey water. That’s where a caravan grey water tank is essential. It means you can collect the waste water and dispose it appropriately at a suitable facility, like a dump point.


Our Range of Caravan Grey Water Tanks

We sell caravan grey water tanks in a range of sizes to fit your vehicle. From 40 litres up to 110 litres, you’re sure to find the tank you need from top caravan accessories brands including Camec, Fiamma and Coast to Coast. Some tanks come with wheels for easy mobility, or installation kits to make it simple to fit to your caravan.