Our Guide To Caravan Bike Racks

How to Choose Your Caravan Bike Racks

Transporting your bike along caravanning travels is not always the easiest task. A bicycle is shaped awkwardly, intended to provide transportation, not to be transported.

Even if the bike manages to fit into your vehicle, you’re going to have to deal with a bit of mess, like dirt and grime from the tires and the chain.  You’re also losing out on a lot of quality storage space that could be used to bring other important camping items.

If you’re an avid cyclist who just can’t see themselves leaving their bike behind while they travel, you may want to look into purchasing a quality bike rack and cover. Quality bike racks are handy caravan add-ons that allow you to easily bring your bike with you wherever you go, while covers allow you to protect the cycle from the average wear and tear of the road.

The following few paragraphs, are based on Caravan RV Camping experience and research, and will be going over the basics of bike racks, in general, and Fiamma-branded bike racks, in particular. If by the end of this article you still have questions regarding Fiamma bike racks and covers, please feel free to contact Caravan RV Camping directly via 1800-RV-PARTS.

The Fiamma Reputation

The Fiamma name is highly reputed in the caravan camping world.

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing versatile and innovative camping gear and accessories, Fiamma is one of the top-ranking manufacturers of high-quality caravan goods.

Fiamma Bike Racks

Although Fiamma manufactures a large variety of goods, our main focus today are Fiamma-branded bike racks.

In general, Fiamma bike racks can be organized into two categories:

  • Those mounted on the vehicle’s A-Frame
  • Those mounted on the vehicle’s rear wall

A-Frame Mounted Racks

A-Frame mounted racks are a popular choice for transporting a bicycle. As can be guessed by their name, these racks are mounted onto a caravan’s A-Frame. Listed among Fiamma’s 2016 new product line are the Carry-Bike XLA Pro and the Carry-Bike XLA Pro 200, improved versions of Fiamma’s original XLA Carry-Bike line.

The biggest improvement made on these models is an integrated forward-pivot ability which allows users to access their caravan’s storage space without having to remove their bike from the rack.

Rear-Wall Mounted Racks

Rear-wall mounted Fiamma racks tend to provide versatility to caravan and RV owners with a vast selection compatible with a wide array of vehicle models.For example, van owners should check out the Van200D Carry-Bike, while SUV owners are directed towards the Backpack 4x4 Carry-Bike.

For those seeking to carry more than bike, the Carry-Bike Pro C is a great option, allowing for the addition of extra bikes with the purchase of extra bike-stops and rails. A recent addition to the 2016 Fiamma product line is the VWT5 Carry-Bike, specifically designed to be used with the Volkswagen T5 Campervan.

Fiamma Bike Covers

As previously mentioned, despite using a rack, your bike will still be vulnerable to the regular wear and tear of the road. To prevent unnecessary damage, Caravan RV Camping recommends Fiamma’s associated bike covers, available in three different styles (premiumgrey, and caravan style).


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.