Caravan Fridges: A Buyer’s Guide


Purchasing a specialised caravan refrigerator can be an arduous task for campers unfamiliar with what they’re looking for. The market for caravan refrigerators is vast, encompassing many differing makes and models. As a result, navigating the copius amounts of jargon and terminology can be difficult.


Consider Your Camping Habits

The first thing to do when considering a caravan refrigerator is to examine your camping habits. If you often camp in locations that supply 240-volt power, such as established caravan parks and or on site living arrangements or even an off-grid application where your totally reliant on a battery bank or generator system. 


What Type of Fridge?

Most caravan refrigerators can be categorized as either a compressor fridge or a three-way absorption fridge. Caravan compressor fridges function much like home refrigerators by using a compressor with moving mechanical parts to promote cooling. Compressor fridges are an execellent choice for off-the-grid campers or those who camp out for extended periods and love being off the grid. Three-way absorption fridges, on the other hand, are a bit different. Three-way absorption fridges can be run through a variety of means, including LPG or natural gas, as well as 12V/240V power. They provide cooling by using liquid ammonia gases mixing together in a series of piping at the rear of the fridge.

Absorption fridges are preferred by some off-the-grid campers because the gas option allows them to completely remove the fridge from the electrical system, ultimately saving battery life by using other options available such as LPG gas. Certain absorption models additionally feature an integrated Automatic Energy Selection option, which automatically selects the best source of energy to be used, if when you have 240-volt power dismissed it will automatically choose the preferred option available. 


Size of the Fridge

When it comes to caravan refrigeration, you need to discern whether you are restricted by cabinetry size, how many people you normally travel with and the types of climates you're most likely to encounter. Some travellers also need to keep in mind the age level of your travelling companions and health restrictions such as diabetes where the traveller might need to store their insulin in a cool dry refrigerated area. So before choosing your next RV refrigerator make sure you go over the aformentioned and always remember that a larger storage compartment for your food and beverages is always the best option. 



Cheaper caravan refrigerators DO NOT work as well as higher-quality, more expensive models. No, this isn’t a ploy to get poor consumers to spend more money. Higher-priced caravan fridges are designed and built to suit the elements of the Australian outback as we all know that they can be a high extremity whilst upon your travels. The purchase of lower quality fridges will have a shorter life span and will not be as efficient on your selected fuel and you will find they also have a shorter warranty period.

The three top efficient RV fridges on the market are EvakoolDometic and Vitrifrigo. The efficiency of your fridge will also be determined by your outside temperatures, battery life and the selected fuel. A 3-way absorption fridge and compressor fridges all will operate at different efficiency levels as both have their own specific fundamentals when put to the test in different applications. So, when choosing your next caravan, motor home, bus, boat, truck or trailer fridge look no further than the range Caravan RV Camping has to offer. You can contact our help full sales team on 1800 787 278 or 

You can also use our fridge comparison chart here to compare our range of fridges.



A caravan refrigerator is one of the if not the most prized possessions whilst upon your travels. Selecting the right caravan fridge, however, is not quite as enjoyable as slamming back that cold one you’ve been daydreaming about. Caravan fridges are relatively expensive and differ vastly in regard to operation, features, and power consumption. If you’re looking to purchase or upgrade a caravan refrigerator, here are a few things to consider. 

Type of Fridge:
There are currently two types of caravan fridges for sale:

  • Compressor Fridges

  • 3-Way Absorption Fridges

For now, it’s only important to know that compression fridges work just like regular home refrigerators while 3-way absorption fridges use liquid ammonia to promote cooling. 


Camping Habits 
Because compressor and 3-way absorption fridges differ in the cooling techniques used, each has their advantages and disadvantages to specific types of campers. 


Caravan Parkers: Campers who mainly stay in caravan parks often make use of 3-way absorption fridges because they can be run by a caravan’s fuel supply using a provided 240-volt power supply. Off-the-Grid Campers These types of campers generally make use of both types of fridges. Compressor fridges generally require much less energy than 3-way absorption fridges and can be run of a solar / battery system however, some campers prefer the ability to live strictly off their own on-board fuel supply. 


Fridge Size
When it comes to caravan refrigerators, bigger is definitely not better. If you have two identical caravan fridges differing only in size, you are always recommended to buy the smallest one that can accommodate your needs. If your fridge is stuffed with food, there’s less air inside of it to be cooled. A needlessly giant fridge can actually cost you much more in regard to long-term fuel/power costs. 


Amount of Insulation
Higher quality refrigerators, as a general rule, such as EvakoolVitrifrigo and Dometic tend to be manufactured with larger amounts of insulation. This added insulation is not without its cost, however, with these fridges generally being sold for at least $800 to $1500. Although a cheap price tag can initially appear attractive, cheaper fridges tend to skip on the insulation and other much needed componentry, ultimately forcing the owner to purchase additional layers. Choosing quality over pricing ultimately ensures that you always save money in the long run.


Top or Side Loading
When selecting a caravan fridge, it should be noted that top-loading models seem to be slightly more efficient than side-loading models. Because hot air rises while cold air sinks, top-loading refrigerators prevent more cold air from escaping when the refrigerator door is opened. 


Automatic or Manual 
If you’re interested in a 3-way absorption fridge, it should be noted that some models offer Automatic Energy Selection (AES) settings while others are manual. AES monitors the 3-way to determine the available fuelling method (LPG/natural gas or 12/240-Volt) and automatically switches the refrigerator settings for you. If you’re apprehensive regarding AES, you might want to stick with (MES) manual enegry selection which has been the more predominant source over the past 10 years.

With these pointers under your belt, you should be well on your way to finding a caravan refrigerator specifically suited to your needs. Now, go crack that beer, some fresh condiments and enjoy the well-deserved break.

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