RV Fuses, Breakers & DC Cables


Protect your electronics with a fuse block. Whether you own a boat, 4WD, caravan or an RV, a fuse block is a vital accessory to add circuit protection to your system while still saving a bit of space and not breaking the bank.


Why You Need A Fuse Block

Think of a fuse block as the ultimate protection for your electrical wiring. A block is loaded with fuses to protect the wire and assist with power distribution. It provides a tidy method of organising various circuits, so wiring doesn’t end up tangled. With a fuse block, you can easily see which components belong to which circuit and clearly work out the relevant fuse for each system. After all, fuse blowouts rarely happen at the most convenient time! With a fuse block making it easy to quickly identify where the circuit has shorted, you can fix the issue and get on with your day.


Fuse Blocks for Different Applications

We offer a wide range of fuse blocks from all the top brands – Enerdrive, Redarc, Victron, Baintech, Blue Sea, and Narva. You’ll find them in various sizes, including 4, 6, 10, and 12-way fuse blocks. Some models, like those from Blue Sea, boast excellent waterproof properties too.


3 x M8 Busbar

3 x M8 Busbar