DC Cables


Create a secure connection to 12V appliances with DC cables. A simple plug and play connection means you'll be ready for adventure in no time.


DC Cables for Your Setup

The cables that join your power setup together play an important part in the performance of your battery and appliances. It comes down to choosing the correct size (diameter) and length of cable. That’s how you will ensure efficiency. If your DC cables are too small or too long, you will simply end up losing power and increasing resistance.


We stock DC cables in a wide range of lengths and sizes, so you can find the right one. If you need a cable kit to wire from your starter battery to a DC to DC charger in your vehicle, check out our Enerdrive 16mm Cable kit complete with fuse. We also have Enerdrive cable kits for lithium battery systems, and cables designed to connect your starting battery to an Anderson plug connector mounted at the tow hitch. If it’s a 12V cigarette plug you need, Victron has it covered. You’ll also find extension cables.


Whatever DC cables you’re looking for, our wide range of cables from Enerdrive, Victron, Baintech and more, makes it easy.