Caravan 12V Water Pumps


Get the water flowing in your caravan. Our range of 12V water pumps makes it easy to deliver water from your water tank to your caravan taps, toilet and shower exactly when you want it.


Let It Flow with A 12V Water Pump!

It’s not a home away from home without a shower after a long day or running water readily available from your kitchen tap. That’s where 12V water pumps come in. Designed especially for recreational vehicles, these 12V water pumps from Shurflo, Seaflo, Flojet and Whale are perfect for a caravan sink and shower set up. Choose a water pump with the right flow rate for your needs – we offer a wide range of units.


Quiet and Reliable 12V Water Pumps

Made by the best water pump manufacturers, these fresh 12V water pumps are designed for a long life and maximum performance. The best part is they aren’t super noisy when you turn them on, so you can shower without waking up the whole family.


Australia’s Most Popular Brands

Here at Caravan RV Camping, we know it’s essential to buy reliable and long-lasting products while travelling. That’s why we only stock 12V water pumps from the most reputable brands including Shurflo, Seaflo, Flojet and Whale.


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Devanti 12V Portable Water Pressure Shower Pump
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$155.00 $192.00

Shurflo 30PSI 12V Pump Bulk. 4009-101-A54

Shurflo 30PSI 12V Pump Bulk. 4009-101-A54

$169.00 $185.00