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ZIP Universal Replacement

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Hayman Reese Brake Controller Harness
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Milenco Ball weight gauge

Milenco Ball weight gauge


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Get your caravan back on the road safely in no time with our wide range of braking accessories and parts. We stock a variety of high-quality spare parts and accessories from Redarc, Breaksafe and ALKO.


Breakaway Cables, Switches and More

It's crucial that your caravan's breakaway cable works correctly. The breakaway cable’s job is to apply the caravan brakes if there is a detachment from the tow car. But it can get damaged or kinked over time, which could cause it to snap. Need to replace your cable or switch? Look no further than Breaksafe Breakaway Switch and Breaksafe Replacement Coil Cable with Pin. For cables and clips, we stock different lengths of brake cable, cable adjusters with pulley, cable clips, and more. 

Stay Legal

Remote battery monitors are not only safe but are a legal requirement for trailers and caravans over 2 tonnes, when registered in New South Wales. We stock remote battery monitors for Breaksafe and Camec, which will check the charge of your battery each time you apply the brakes to your trailer or caravan, and alert you if it’s low.


Check out a wide range of caravan braking accessories and parts from Breaksafe, Redarc, ALKO and more. 


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