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Aussie Traveller 15Amp Extension Lead, 25m
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A heavy-duty caravan power lead is essential on your caravanning adventures. Here at Caravan RV Camping we offer a range of power leads from 1.5 metres right up to 25 metres to suit every need.

Stay Plugged in At Your Campsite

Want to hook up your caravan to a powered campsite? Or to another caravan power socket? Choose from a huge range of quality caravan power leads for your caravan, camper trailer or RV. Why stop at one? Keep your caravan stocked up with a long extension lead and a shorter one, for convenience. It’s illegal to connect two power leads together in RCD situations, so always make sure you have the right length for your needs.


Safe Power Leads

Our caravan power leads from Camec and Coast to Coast are manufactured to Australian standards and designed for use with high-powered appliances. So, you can be confident you are powered up safely and legally. We stock power leads that are heavy-duty and water-resistant, designed to keep you powered up on the road. They are not suitable for use with standard domestic power outlets.


Find the right caravan power leads here to safely power your caravan or RV on the road.

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