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Have 100% confidence in your caravan brakes with high quality brake drums from top brands. If you want to avoid skidding, swaying or the dreaded jack-knife when you hit the brakes, invest in top quality brake drums.


Brake Drums by ALKO And Camec

There’s more to stopping your caravan than just tapping the brakes in your tow vehicle. When you apply the brakes in your vehicle, the signal is passed through a hub to apply the caravan’s brakes. Everything needs to work smoothly to ensure you can brake safely. Any trailer over 750kg needs brakes, and anything over 2000kg needs brakes on each wheel. That’s why smart caravanners choose top brands like ALKO and Camec for their brake drums.

Electric Brake Drums

Electric drum brakes are easy to install, low cost and easy to control. Get an extremely efficient and reliable braking system from our online store and be confident you will enjoy smooth braking. You can also manually apply the caravan brakes independent of your tow vehicle braking system. We also sell off-road versions of electric brakes which are designed for tough and rugged conditions.

Don’t under-brake your trailer. Choose top drum brakes from our wide range.


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