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Affordable Gas Heaters for INSIDE your adventure RV & for OUTSIDE partying: Let’s Warm Things Up!

Whether looking for a dependable heating solution for inside your caravan and camper to keep you toasty in the warmer months, or the perfect portable outdoor party or camping heater, look no further. Here you'll find  a selection of heaters ideal for caravan and camping with brands you can trust like Truma and Companion. 

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The Truma Varioheat Eco is a high performance compact, sleek and lightweight gas heater. It is a very efficient heater and will heat your vehicle to the required temperature in a very short period of time. Thanks to the multiple varied functionalities you can always set the temperature to your desired requirements. The unit is a ducted air heating device designed for caravans, motor homes, RVs and campers. It combines compact proportions, flexible installation and efficient operation into one 12 - volt gas powered air heater. While the robust heating is powered by LPG gas, it features a 12-volt electronic operation control unit, which monitors and maintains the temperature of your motor home via a fully automatic thermostat with controlled shut down giving you the desired warmth needed. In addition to this, The Truma Varioheat comes with low running cost thanks to its 95% natural gas efficiency and minimal battery usage. Its near silent operation also guarantees undisturbed sleep every night for those who sometimes wake at the drop of a pin. Its intelligent design employs electronic control over all functions, thus keeping its operation hassle-free and requiring minimal involvement on the part of the user, enabling the adventurer to have peace of mind and not have to worry about attending to the air heater periodically. Its compact and sleek design makes it compatible with most caravans and motor homes, as it can be installed in a myriad of positions. Its installation is simple and user-friendly, though professional gas installation by a licenced gas fitter is required. The Truma Varioheat is AGA approved for added reliability. So, if your're on the lookout for a new caravan, motor home or RV heater look no further than the Truma Varioheat gas air heater as you will not be disappointed in its efficient output and heating options


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Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater

Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater

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Truma VarioHeat Ducting- 20m

Truma VarioHeat Ducting- 20m


Truma VarioHeat Ducting- 5m

Truma VarioHeat Ducting- 5m