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Looking for a caravan or camping air fryer? We highly recommend the Westinghouse Air Fryers and if you're looking for an entry level model, Devanti offer an extensive range.


Easy Cooking With A Camping Air Fryer

One of the handiest cooking appliances to carry on your camping trips, a camping air fryer makes it easy to create culinary magic on your adventures. Check out our range from Devanti and Westinghouse, where you’re find something for every budget.

Your cooking is done super efficiently with far less odour – which is perfect in small spaces like a caravan or camper trailer. And there’s no need for oil!

These air fryers are designed to be compact, so they won’t take up much space on the camper counter or in your caravan. And if you’re using it in your RV, it won’t heat your camper up during summer – unlike an oven.

The camping air fryers in our range come with top features, like an auto shut-off function, non-stick pan, and heat shield vent for good air circulation. Choose the capacity to suit your appetite! The Devanti air fryers come as small as 1.8 litres and up to 8 litres, while Westinghouse offers a 12 litre model – perfect for the whole family!

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