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Aussie Traveller AFK Pole Support Bracket
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Fiamma Motor Kit Compact for F80S Deep Black

Fiamma Motor Kit Compact for F80S Deep Black

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Is your awning performing as well as it should be? Replacing your entire awning can be an expensive and time-consuming process – especially if you are getting ready for your next adventure. That’s why at Caravan RV Camping we offer a range of awning hardware fittings to make sure your awning is performing at its best.


Awning Hardware Fittings and Parts

Looking for parts for your awning? Our range of awning hardware fittings has it covered. Find everything from curved centre rafters to repair patches, deflapper kits and wall brackets. We sell awning hardware fittings for the most popular awning brands including Dometic, Fiamma, Carefree, Aussie Traveller and Camec. You’re sure to find what you need in our online store.

Stock Up Before You Go

Travelling for a longer period? Pack some emergency awning hardware fittings for your trip and save the frustration of trying to find the right parts on the road. Keep some tarp clips handy for when you have torn eyelets or simply need an extra anchor point. Stock up on repair patches, repair tape, and vinyl repair adhesive. You never know when you might need them!


Shop our wide range of awning hardware fittings before you hit the road.


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