Caravan Annex Spare Parts

Annex Spare Parts

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Keep your caravan annex fully functional and comfortable with the right caravan annex accessories.

Adding an annex to your caravan allows you to effectively double your living space. That’s why it pays to make that space fully functional with the right caravan annex accessories from Caravan RV Camping.


All the Caravan Annex Accessories You Need


We have a wide range of caravan annex accessories so you can do a quick repair of your annex while out on the road… how convenient! Find annex pole container brackets, pop-top and canvas bows. We sell adjustable slide rails and wall poles in various lengths to suit different size annexes. Torn your annex canvas? Buy canvas repair tape so you can quickly repair holes and tears while you travel.


Want to maximise your caravan fridge’s performance? Browse our fridge sunscreens from Coast which are designed to shade the fridge area of your RV and lower the ambient temperature around your fridge vents, so it performs better on hot sunny days. 

Our range of accessories includes top brands like Camec, Coast to Coast, and Fiamma, so you can be sure you have the best quality accessories for your caravan awning.


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COAST Installation Kit for Wall Kit.

COAST Installation Kit for Wall Kit.

$95.00 $102.00

COAST Draft Skirt 18' for Wall Kit

COAST Draft Skirt 18' for Wall Kit

$119.00 $124.00