Caravan Privacy Screen VS Annex

Needing some extra privacy?


Have you ever longed for more privacy and space on your caravan adventures, or possible wished you had a nice shady area from which to enjoy your favorite camping spot?

If so, it’s likely that you are the kind of camper who would highly benefit from a caravan privacy screen or annex.

These extremely useful caravan additions have become increasingly popular and affordable in modern years.

This, in combination with their easy method of installation, was the inspiration for this brief sunscreen and annex guide.


Privacy Screens


If you’re new to the terms “privacy screen” or “annex”, you’re probably asking yourself, What’s the difference?

Well, for the most part, sunscreens/privacy screens are designed specifically to provide shelter from natural elements such as the sun and light rain showers.

Generally, they are installed on the end-wall or sidewall of your awning, and in combination with the caravan’s surface, create a tent-like structure under which campers can enjoy a bit of shade.

In addition to providing shelter, sunscreens also provide a bit of privacy as the campers are located between the wall and screen, obstructing them from the view of neighbour campers.  


Annex Wall Kits


For those looking for more control of the weather elements and even more privacy, this is where a full, annex wall kit come into place.

The annex includes three full walls that attached onto your awning, and are generally equipped with screened windows and a full-sized door.

A basic annex will be highly similar to a sunscreen, however, they generally include flat sides, as opposed to the tent-like shape the Sunscreens take. The Sunscreen is a breathable material it only provides slight privacy & weather protection. The closed in style & waterproof material of the annex walls provide complete shelter from rain & sun as well as completely blocking the view of fellow campers.


Leading Brands


Purchasing a high-quality annex is important because they are generally not the cheapest of additions.

In general, the cost of the annex goes up with the quality of the material, zips & stitching used.

Although leading brands such as Fiamma and Dometic have created their own annex rooms to suit their awnings, our undeniable top-choice with their versatile roll out awning Coast to Coast annex wall kit.


Coast to Coast Privacy Screens & Wall Kits


With over 40 years of experience in the caravanning industry, Coast to Coast RV has mastered the art of creating beautifully-crafted sun and privacy screens.

Each and every one of their high-quality privacy screens has been engineered with functionality and strength in mind, featuring improved splines, reinforced D-Ringed triangles, edge hemming to prevent frays, as well as high-grade 8mm steel pegs.

In regards to sun protection, Coast is also top notch, with each of their screens advertising a cover factor of approximately 91.0, a UVR block of 93.4%, and a shade factor of 86.6.

For more information about Caravan RV Camping’s popular screens and kits, click here




DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.