Caravan Safety Checklist

Caravan Safety Checklist

Caravan Safety Checklist

We suggest stopping within the first 20km’s of the trip for a safety inspection, that way if you notice that something is a miss, you are not too far from home. After the first inspection, each time you stop an inspection should be done. It only takes a few minutes, after all you are on holidays.. what’s the rush??

What to check:

  • OVERHEATING: Brake will always get heated, but make sure that your brakes & bearings are not excessively hot.

  • COUPLING: Is your tow ball still secure within the coupling? Are your safety chains still attached & done up tight?

  • TYRES: Have your tyres started to deflate?

  • LIGHTS: Check over your brake & indicator lights, are they still working?

  • ACCESSORIES: Check that the doors, windows & hatches have all remained closed.

  • GAS: Check all gas lines for leaks & make sure all gas cylinders are tightly swithced off. 

  • INSIDE: Have a quick look inside to ensure all of your belongings are still securely stored. Also check major appliances like the fridge & microwave have stay in place and the doors haven’t opened.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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