Camping Hot Water & Portable Cooling

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Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here at Caravan RV Camping we offer a range of portable caravan heating and cooling options to help you take control of the temperature in your caravan.


Portable Caravan Heating and Cooling

Check out our range of caravan heating and cooling units for a portable solution. No matter the size of your caravan or the temperature outside, our caravan heating and cooling appliances will make sure you can enjoy a comfortable space wherever your travel.


Caravan Cooling

When it comes to cooling your caravan, nothing is easier than plugging in a fan and switching it on. We stock a wide range of portable fans suitable for different spaces. If that’s not enough, try a cooler and humidifier unit. These portable units are an efficient way to cool our space. Some come with remote controls and timers, so there’s no need to get up in the night and turn it on or off.


Caravan Heating

Caravans are only small spaces, so it doesn’t take much to make them warm and cosy. But sometimes you just need something to take the cool edge off. That’s where a mini portable heater comes in very handy.


Browse our wide range of caravan heating and cooling options from Close Comfort, Caframo and more.


Gasmate Water-Tech Shower Stand

Gasmate Water-Tech Shower Stand

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