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Vehicle Sportguards

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Mud flaps are a must-have for your vehicle. They help to safely deflect the road debris away from your vehicle wheel wells, giving protection to the more sensitive parts of your ute, 4WD or van. Check out the high quality models from Caterpillar and R.M. Williams for a top gift idea!


Why Do I Need Mud Flaps?

While your vehicle wheel wells are designed to withstand constant interaction with road debris, they could do with a little help from all the muddy water, rocks, tar and other obstacles that your tyres flick up. That’s where mud flaps come in.


Which Mud Flaps Are Best For My Vehicle?

While there can be some variation in size, most mud flaps are made to a universal design so they will fit most cars, trucks, 4WD and ute models. Our range of mud flaps from Bushranger, Caterpillar, and R.M Williams are all manufactured in Australia and designed with maximum durability in mind. They come with easy care instructions that mean you only need to hose and sponge clean, so you really can’t go wrong! Check out our range of mud flaps today and give your vehicle the added protection it deserves.