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Looking for high quality metal detectors for sale? Check out our full range by DZ, a popular caravan accessories brand!


Find Hidden Treasure with Metal Detectors For Sale

Whether you want to comb beaches for coins, search forests for gold, or simply find lost items in the garden, DZ offers a great range of metal detectors for sale. Novices can choose the DZ metal detector with LCD screen and headphones, which operates at a very low frequency and boasts a sensitivity level of up to 220mm. With a special pinpoint function, this metal detector is deadly accurate and precise. Ready to raise your detecting game? You can find metal detectors for sale that can be used indoors, outdoors or even in water. The DZ metal detector with pin pointer has a waterproof tip of up to 10cm immersion in water, and the detecting precision is impressive.


Ready For Your Next Treasure Hunting Expedition?

Browse our metal detectors for sale to find the right model for you. These DZ metal detectors are easy to use and pack away, so you can hunt for coins, relics, jewellery, gold, and silver just about anywhere! Compare the metal detectors for sale in our online store.

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