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Aussie Traveller AFK Pole Support Bracket
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Got your awning and need some awning brackets to match? We stock a wide range of awning brackets from market leading brands including Fiamma, Dometic, Carefree, Aussie Traveller and more! Find awning brackets for a range of different applications including to support your awning, mount your awning legs or replace your current spare parts.


Awning Brackets for Fiamma, Dometic and More

Searching high and low for the right awning brackets? Your search stops here. We sell awning brackets for popular brands, including Fiamma F45S, F45L, F65 and F35 awnings. There are lots of different types of awning brackets. One option is leg wall brackets, which can be installed on the outside wall of your awning, so you can mount the legs of the awning to the side of your caravan or RV. If you have a slight curve towards your rooftop or want to mount your awning close to the curve of the roof, the Fiamma awning mounting bracket for 15 degree is for you.


Buy Awning Brackets Replacement Parts

If you’ve broken or lost your awning brackets, don’t despair! We sell replacement awning brackets for Fiamma, Dometic, Carefree, Aussie Traveller and more. With our wide range of parts, you’ll soon have your awning working smoothly on your RV.

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