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Caravan Air Conditioners

Anyone who has travelled during summer can tell you that the experience is sweltering. For warmer regions, even winter temperatures can go above and beyond what is comfortable. Caravan RV Camping offers customers an extensive line of RV air conditioners. Specially designed for maximum performance using the lowest amount of energy possible, these air conditioners are a must for any RV.





What's the difference between Household, Caravan and RV Air Conditioners:

Distinguishing the difference between house hold, caravan and RV air conditioners.  Both units perform the same job both cooling and heating although are completely different in design and pricing.  Both units in the end produce the same outcome, delivering the user a chilled or heated ambient temperature throughout the vehicle.


  • Caravan air conditioners are designed to with stand the harsh elements and conditions of the weekend tourer, to the full time on and off-road traveller.  
  • They've been put to the test in their build design there for acting as one of the most used appliances on the caravan, motor home or RV. 
  • The caravan or RV air conditioner will prove to have a considerable higher life span than your typical house hols air conditioner.


  • Given the design requirements and rigorous testing that is applied to the caravan, RV air conditioner you will find an elevated price in comparison to your regular house hold air conditioner. 


What are the different types of Caravan and RV Air Conditioners:

Roof top Air conditioners-

There are a huge range of roof top air conditioners on today's market ranging from a sleek low-profile design to ensure perfect temperatures for small to medium size caravans, or the more robust larger unit to accommodate the larger caravan, motor home or 5th wheeler.  Rooftop air conditioners can be mounted externally on the roof which can deliver the user practical and efficient operations.


  • Cool air will automatically sink when being distributed from a higher location.
  • Will suit most caravan, RV, motor homes and can be purchased as an additional appliance and retro fitted.
  • Being roof mounted means you are saving valuable storage space throughout your caravan, RV or motor home.
  • Not being floor mounted can minimise noise giving the user a restless and quiet night's sleep.
  • Easy to maintain and service.



  • Camper vans and pop top caravans are designed to be lightweight there for not having the structural rigidity in their roof to with stand the weight of a roof top mounted air conditioner.  All though adding an aluminium h-frame can spread the weight through the roof span enabling a roof top mount.


Built in / under bunk air conditioners-

Built in or under bunk air conditioners are most commonly used in pop top and camper trailer applications where the roof structure / design is not capable of withstanding the weight of a roof top mounted air conditioner.  From the internal aspect of your caravan, RV these air conditioners look like your standard box type when in fact they have a compressor remotely mounted, usually mounted through an external portal leading outside effectively making them a spilt system air conditioning unit.  The box style head unit can be mounted under seating areas, tunnel boots and any other cavities that will suit their dimensions.  Also, enabling the user options of ducting the units conditioned air throughout your caravan, RV, or motor home via a ducting kit.


  • If your application involves a camper trailer, pop top caravan or RV most of the time a built in or under bunk air conditioner will be preferable and a cost-effective solution than modifying your roof to suit.
  • Effortless installation.
  • Trouble free and painless servicing and maintenance. 


  • Can take up wanted space inside of your caravan which could be used for storage as we all know when loading your caravan, motor home or RV finding extra room for all your touring necessities can be quite a tactful procedure.


Difference between reverse cycle and those with heating elements:

Reverse cycle air conditioning (heating)-


  • Efficiency - Reverse cycle air conditioning uses a closed refrigerant system to transfer heat which entails no high -power heating elements chewing up vital power sources.
  • Reverse cycle systems use heat exchange when cooling or heating, cooling pulls the heat from inside to outside, heating moves the outside heat to the inside.
  • Ambient temperature - Specific ambient temperatures can have a drastic outcome on the output of your air conditioner.  Before making a purchase be sure to consult the manufactures placard determining ambient temperatures.
  • Air conditioning manufactures will be fast to point out if their systems operate at sub zero temperatures and very quiet if they do not.


  • In some circumstances when the outside temperature nears freezing point it can be a likely event that some of the air conditioners componentry can partially freeze there for it can result in little to no heating which can result in an uncomfortable situation.
  • Manufactures are always up grading their design flaws in their products to try and advance the systems operations in the sub-zero climates.  Upon purchasing your next caravan, RV air conditioner be sure to check the unit's specifications are compatible to your situated or touring locations.


Heating element type air conditioners:


  • Ambient temperatures-  A caravan, RV air conditioner designed with a heating element will operate in almost every ambient temperature condition delivered.


  • Efficiency-  The power usage consumed in any sort of heating application where a heating element is involved can be costly and on the lower end of the scale for efficiency.


How effective is caravan or RV air-conditioning?

On provision, you abide by the manufactures guide lines and specification caravan and RV air conditioning can be as successful as house hold air conditioning.  Be sure to allow for caravan, RV, camper trailer applications without insulated roof or wall panelling as a larger air conditioning unit will be required.


What size air conditioner do I need?

A general guideline is there are two main groups of air conditioners.

  • 2 - 2.5 kw, suitable for vehicles up to 5 metres in length.
  • 3 kw plus, suitable for vehicles up to 7 metres in length. 

 Most manufactures will now put a vehicle length required in the specification guide lines to make it hassle free when choosing your next caravan, RV air conditioning unit.  Air conditioner units are ranked by their effectiveness of cooling/heating of internal capacity in 1 hour, which is called capacity.  The power that an air conditioner motor/compressor and fan require can differ to achieve the same capacity, there for its frequent to rate an air conditioners performance by its capacity and not by its power consumption.

Capacity-  This is generally measured in kilo watts (kw) or B.T.U (British Thermal Units).  For example, a 3-kw cooling capacity air conditioner refers to the amount of actual heat removed from your room in 1 hour.  The manufactures specifications should identify what size area a 3-kw rated air conditioner can effectively cool.



The power required to operate the air conditioner is always a top priority especially if you propose to run off a generator.  If you are camping at a caravan park where your purchase includes your power then it's not a great worry about the power being consumed. Alternatively, if your free camping and the air conditioner is being run by a generator you need to be highly aware of the air conditioners consumption.  Air conditioners will demand more than the manufactures rated current draw to start operation.  Continued use, the generator must be able to produce more kw than the air conditioner demands. 


Difference between 360mm or 400mm roof aperture?

Rooftop mounted air conditioners are designed to fit either a 360mm square aperture on your roof, or a 400mm square aperture. The 400mm firstly was a European design and the 360mm was American based on their 14-inch American manufactured design roof vents.  Some air conditioner makes, models deliver and option of roof adapters to suit both apertures, this will be disclosed on the appliances information placard.


What is an inverter type air conditioner?

The invertor type technology integrated into air conditioners is universally known as soft start technology.  This enables the technology of the invertor to run the compressor with minimal power and amp draw than the most common air conditioner design.



From the well-seasoned experienced adventurer to the "Greenie" first timer, love to take some of the comforts from their everyday lives on the road with them.  No matter where your travels lead you from the great ocean coast line to the rugged outback a caravan, RV air conditioner is usually the first priority and at the top of the checklist.  All though not all recreational vehicles are fitted with one.  Having an air conditioner installed to your pride and joy can be quite an effortless process if you abide by the unit's specifications and your caravan, RV modifications handbook.  A high percentage of RVs will be designed and manufactured with the addition of air conditioning in mind, a complete full height constructed caravan or RV are built to support the weight of a roof top air conditioner with the roof being reinforced with what the RV industry know as a structural H frame.  The H frame distributes the load of the air conditioner evenly throughout the roof span delivering rigidity and strength for a firm grounding for the air conditioner to be mounted on.

If your application includes a 5th wheeler, motor home or pop top caravan that has already been signed off as a complete finished build without a structured H frame installed don't be too concerned as there is always the option to add an external mounted H frame that will cater for the installation weights of a roof top mounted air conditioner.

All caravan air conditioners come equipped with a fitting, installation and owner's manual.  For the best results, it is suggested that the unit be installed by a qualified tradesman and signed off by a licenced electrician.  In some split system application applications, there are requirements of refrigerant gas lines to be connected which have to be carried out by a licenced air conditioner specialist.


Caravan Air Conditioner Brands

Choose from our wide range of air conditioners for your caravan, motorhome, boat, bus, truck or trailer, ranging from rooftop or under bunk air conditioners single and split systems we cater for every application of the recreational vehicle industry.  Our enormous range of caravan air conditioners contain only deluxe brands ranging from Dometic, Truma and Air Command.  Air Command, one of the leading brand air conditioners in the recreational vehicle market today is Australian owned and their products are designed and tested to suit the harsh elements of the Australian environment.

Installing an Air command caravan air conditioner, you will receive and experience superior heating and cooling performance designed to with stand the blistering Australian climate intergrading anti vibration technology to resist the undulating road travelling of the irregular pitted Australian terrain.  Air Command provide both under bunk and roof top airconditioned-applications.

The Dometic Air conditioner range are affiliated with the global Dometic assortment of products and appliances for the RV industry.  Active to their reputation of futuristic products, Dometic have delivered a recreational vehicle air conditioner built with an inverter compressor.  The Dometic Harrier, this soft start technology cancels out large start up current draws which most other RV air conditioners incur upon operation.  You can also adjust the compressor speed to suit your heating and cooling requirements there for making it the most efficient RV air conditioner available for use in the Australian climate.




Keep Things Cool With Premium Caravan Air Conditioners For Sale

Check out the slick Ibis 2 Air Command Air Conditioner, 8dB quieter than prior Air Command air conditioner counterparts, or the Heron Q Air Command reverse cycle split-system air conditioner, praised for its simple installation and flexible uses. Maybe the CAL242 Dometic air conditioner, named one of the industry’s current leading roof-installed styles, is more your style, though. That’s great! With Dometic-brand H-Frame Openings also available in sizes 400x400 (for FreshJet models, specifically) and 360x360, Caravan RV Camping is a literal one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your next camping trip cool and exciting. With a large selection of air conditioner models, including brand name styles such as the Truma AventaJabiru All-in-One Reverse Cycle, and Saphir Comfort, Caravan RV Camping is guaranteed to have an air conditioner suited for every camping need and budget. For any questions or comments, please feel free to call our Sunshine Coast office at 1800 RV PARTS (1800 787 278). Our experts are waiting to hear from you!

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$2,299.00 $2,549.00

Dometic FRESHJET 3200 Air Conditioner

Dometic FRESHJET 3200 Air Conditioner

$2,079.00 $2,443.00

Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner

Truma Saphir Comfort Ducted Air Conditioner

$2,079.00 $2,258.00

Dometic FRESHJET 2200 Air Conditioner

Dometic FRESHJET 2200 Air Conditioner

$1,995.00 $2,193.00

Aircommand Heron Q  - White

Aircommand Heron Q - White

$1,899.00 $2,295.00

Aircommand Heron Q - Silver

Aircommand Heron Q - Silver

$1,899.00 $2,295.00

Dometic HARRIER INVERTER Air Conditioner

Dometic HARRIER INVERTER Air Conditioner

$1,880.00 $2,205.00

On Sale
Dometic CALR 242 Air Conditioner

Dometic CALR 242 Air Conditioner

$1,819.00 $2,039.00

Aircommand Sparrow Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Aircommand Sparrow Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

$1,799.00 $2,024.37

Aircommand Ibis MK3 Air Conditioner

Aircommand Ibis MK3 Air Conditioner

$1,699.00 $2,295.00

On Sale