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Fiamma F80S 3.7m Awning, Royal Grey

Fiamma F80S 3.7m Awning, Royal Grey

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Fiamma Awnings - Caravans, Motorhomes, RV's and Campervans

The Italian based company Fiamma, have introduced Australia to a variety of products including Awnings, Bike Racks, hatches, vents, waste tanks and a variety of Caravan Accessories that have a reputation for quality and reliability.  Caravan awnings are a popular item that are a welcome addition to every travellers Caravan or RV and are often referred to as worth their weight in gold.  Below is a little further information on what Fiamma has to offer.    


Fiamma F35 Awning - Wall Mounted manual pull-out system

The Fiamma F35 Pro Royal Grey Awning is a caravan, motorhome, or RV adventures best friend when touring and wanting that quick easy to use efficient set up of an extendable awning.  Designed for vehicles such as smaller minivans, SUVs and even station wagons, the Fiamma F35 Pro is a practical, light weight sleek design with an ease of use for single person operation, and can be easily installed and removed (once your trip is over) without the need for drilling when used in conjunction with an optional mounting kit adaptor (sold separately).  So, traveling by yourself or with friends and family, the Fiamma F35 Pro awning is one of the easiest awnings to operate on the market today.  The F35 Pro is a compact lightweight aluminium casing design with a manual mechanism making the awning a simplistic set up.  The F35 Pro also has the luxury of telescopic legs engineered into the roller tube itself making the set up and closure of the awning as practical as can be. 


A practical, lightweight, manual awning that still features all the great quality associated with the Fiamma name, make these a very popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who practically (and sometimes literally) live in their vehicles.


For Easy Operation:

  1. Press the red buttons on each side of the casing to open.
  2. Walk backwards while unrolling the awning.
  3. Pull the legs out of the roller tube, twist and drop down so they are in a vertical position.
  4. Adjust the height of legs as needed and secure to the ground.


Fiamma F45 Awning - Wall Mounted Manual Mechanical Wind Out System

The Fiamma F45 has been manufactured to fly above its competition being the only awning with silent openings thanks to the German TUV certified auto - locking winch safety system, integrating its exclusive aluminium mechanical parts that have been manufactured for longevity.  It offers the user a high - quality product and keeping the design at the top of the podium when comparing it to other loud crunching hook release systems. 

Fiamma has also kept safety in mind with the F45 design incorporating a dual security system that allows the awning to align correctly for closure signalling two small plastic flags inside of the end caps.  The F45 also introducing to its extensive list of benefits a patented one - way roll mechanism that will prevent any of the canvas rolling onto the other side of the roller tube.  Also in its design, it is the only awning with a dual shock - absorber which will endeavour to keep your vehicle and awning protected all year round.  The highly durable reinforced arms come with 3.5 mm wire cabling which are proof tested for ova 10,000 cycles of opening and closing and can still deliver fabric tension of up to 32kg.  All Fiamma awnings are designed for allowing annexe walls, privacy screens and such to be fitted to the double guide on the lead bar for the efficient set up of your external rooms. With the advanced telescopic legs and manual locking system delivers you a desired height to suit any application such as grass areas and concrete slabs.  


Fiamma F65 Awning - Roof Mounted Manual Mechanical Wind Out System

The Fiamma F65 Awning is perfect for installation on campervans, motorhomes, caravans, pop tops or any other setup where a Top Mounted configuration is required.  Generally an upgrade to an F65 is required there is insuffucient room on some later model van side walls (where the windows meet up with the roof line), or if you are already at your maximum width and do not want an awning attached to the side of your existing setup.