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Diesel Heaters For Caravans: Let’s Get Hot!!!

Your heating needs have already been met by the range of Eberspacher Diesel heaters. The ultra compact design helps with installation options, high output means even the largest caravan or motorhome can be quickly and easily heated and the great fuel efficiency and low power draw means you don’t need to worry about running out; just relax and stay warm.

The Eberspacher D2 single is the entry model in the range, yet still has a minimum output up 850 Watts and uses only 1 Litre of diesel for 10 Hours of running. Perfectly suited to camper trailers, or small and medium caravans or motorhomes. The D2 model also comes in a double outlet, allowing both the impressive heating output of the D2 single but also the flexibility to change or focus the heated area as required.

Diesel Heaters are great for motorhomes where you already have a diesel tank you can draw upon - this makes for a relatively inexpensive installation.  Otherwise you can install into a caravan and have an exclusive 10L diesel tank to supply your heater separate to your other appliances ensuring a warm night's sleep without the risk of using up your available energy through other appliances.

Check out the Eberspacher Airtronic D4, an absolute favourite amongst caravanners for its efficient fuel technology along with its ability to quickly heat large spaces. Other Diesel Caravan Heater models available include the Eberspacher Airtronic D2 single and twin outlet versions suitable for most caravans, poptops and camper trailers.

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Eberspacher’s range of Diesel heaters for caravans are comprised of 2 main models, the D2 and the D4. The D2 being available in both single and dual outlets, with the larger D4 coming as standard with 3 outlets. This makes it that bit easier to pick between models, chasing a diesel heater with multiple outlets? Then the D4 is your pick allowing rapid heating of larger spaces and the 3 outlets allows more focused heater where it’s required. Have a camper trailer or smaller sized caravan? The D2 single or double is the model you’ve been looking for.

Eberspacher has made running their compact heaters as easy as, by choosing diesel as the fuel source, they have selected the most common fuel option when out and about in Australia. So, by just taping into an existing diesel tank, you can simply sort out the fuel requirement. But even without access to an existing diesel tank, CRVC has a slimline 10 Litre tank available that can be easily fitted, especially as the tank is only 80mm deep.

The basic principal is to draw in fresh cool air from outside, heat that air up within the body of the Eberspacher unit and then redirect that warm air as required through the caravan, motorhome or camper trailer.

With the D2 caravan heater using as little as 0.1 Litres per Hour up to a maximum of only 0.28 Litres, a standard 10 Litre tank gives up to 100 Hours' worth of run time, sorting out your heating requirements for at least a week at a time, even on the coldest nights in the Victorian high country.

If you need more power than the D2, stepping up to the D4 triple outlet models unlocks an almost unheard of 4000 Watts worth of heating power and 185 cubic Meters of air flow volume, all available at an impressively low fuel usage of only 0.51 Litres per Hour.

Keep the family warm this winter with up to to 4000watts of heat output 

If your planning on caravanning this year, stay warm with the Erberspacher Airtronic heaters this winter.  Perfect for extended periods of operations, these 12/24-volt diesel heaters are great for a warm night's sleep for the whole family.  The two models available are the D2 and the D4 single and twin and triple outlet heaters.  With versatile controllability, the Erberspacher Airtronic D2 provides 2200watts, and the D4 an impressive 4000watts of warmed blown air.  The unit will automatically reduce the heat and the fan speed as the temperature rises for efficient fuel consumption and quiet operation.  There are numerous benefits of having an Airtronic air heater fixed to your caravan, RV or motorhome.  First you don't need gas at all, great if you're a diesel fan and especially if you already have a diesel tank fitted to your RV - a gas bill is one expense you won't have to worry about. Your travelling companions can be kept warm the entire trip as it can be operated whilst on the move in a motorhome.  Furthermore, with its sleek and compact design for easy installation, no wonder the Airtronic is leaving the rest of the caravan heater world in its wake.  


Pro’s -

  • Compact size and flexibility of installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be used whilst vehicle is in operation


Con's -

  • Installation of diesel fuel tank required or Diesel lines required for installation


An RV’s combined heater and air conditioner can use way too much power at 240V, especially for those using their RV as a steady home away from home. This is why Caravan RV Camping has specially selected an extensive collection of diesel caravan heaters guaranteed to save you precious dollars on your next caravan trip. 

Caravan Diesel Heaters Australia

If you’re not quite sure which heating system is the best for you, our experts are gladly willing to answer any questions you may have at 1800 RV PARTS (1800 787 278). Now, let’s get hot!


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Our quality diesel caravan heaters have been proven to boost output, all the while running on a manageable 12V power level. Check out the Eberspacher Airtronic D4, an undeniable favorite amongst customers for its incredible fuel technology coupled with its ability to quickly heat large spaces. Other Ebershpacher heater models available include the Airtronic line, with models such as the D4 and D2 (in regular or single form.). If you’re not quite sure which heating system is the best for you, our experts are gladly willing to answer any questions you may have at 1800 RV PARTS (1800 787 278). Now, let’s get hot!



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