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Hooks, Lures, Sinkers & Swivels

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You can never have enough fishing lures, hooks, sinkers, or swivels in your tackle box! Shop our full range at Caravan RV Camping for the best prices.


Huge Range of Fishing Lures and More

When you’re looking for fishing lures, there’s a huge choice on offer. Every lure is designed for a particular fish species, so you need to make sure you’ve got the right one. Browse our store to find a massive range of fishing lures of all sorts of different shapes, weights, sizes and colour.

You’re sure to find the right fishing lures for you! Trying to catch freshwater trout or redfin? Or big mouthed species like Barra, Bass and Perch? Or bigger Northern species? We’ve got it covered with our range of fishing lures and hooks by top brands including Zerek, Wilson, Sure Catch and Mustad.

Don’t go past the range by Zerek – we stock fishing lures in lots of new sizes and colours to widen the range of targeted species. Need something you can rely on for a catch every time? Check out the realistic Prawn Imitation Lure. It is great as a general lure because everything that swims eats prawns! Or why not stock up on the Zerek Live Shrimp Hot Legs which is built tough to ensure your first fish is not the last fish taken on the lure.

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