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Fishing is a sport, and if you want to catch the best fish you need to ensure you have the best accessories including reels, hooks and lures! Shop our full range at Caravan RV Camping.

Lure In the Catch Every Time

Is your tackle box bursting with lures? If you want a big catch every time, it should be! Different species need different types of lures, which means you need to stock up with different types depending on your fishing trip and location. You can’t know what fish are thinking, which is why pro anglers hedge their bets and always have lots of lure options on hand. Lures will vibrate, reflect light and change in colour – everything you need to attract fish! We stock shrimp lures, wriggly minnows, crankbait, popparazzi, and more to help you get that catch.

Getting multiple colours of every lure can get a little pricey. Our range of lures has everything you’re looking for at great prices, so it won’t break the bank to stock up your tackle box! Not sure what you need? Check out our range of lures for sale and browse all the options for your target species and fishing type. A tackle box stocked with lots of lures gives you a much higher chance of a catch!

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