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Caravan Weight Control

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Did you know you can get fined in Australia if your caravan, camper trailer or vehicle is over the legal weight limit? Be confident you're always under the legal weight limit for each state with tow ball weight scales.

Why You Need Tow Ball Weight Scales

When it comes to towing, being fully kitted out takes more than a trailer and a tow bar. To be safe and reliable, you need to ensure your caravan, camper trailer or vehicle is within the legal weight limit. Check out these tow ball weight scales to make it easy to be compliant on the road. Our range of tow ball weight scales are easy to use. They measure the ball weight of your caravan or trailer, and you can simply use the easy-to-read gauge to check you’re within the limits. You are easily able to measure and calculate the total weight and partial loads on both single and tandem axle vehicles. The best part is the tow ball weight scales are so light and compact that you can pack them away easily on every trip. So, there’s no reason to ever worry about an unbalanced or overloaded trailer, caravan, camper trailer or motorhome.

Here at Caravan RV Camping, we have the trailer parts and accessories range with everything you need, including tow ball weight scales. Check out the products from Reich, PedalBox and Aeroplus to suit your vehicle.


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