4WD Washdown Kits


Keep your 4WD or caravan in top notch condition with a wash down kit. Get that stubborn debris or saltwater off fast and prevent your vehicle from going rusty. A wash down kit makes it easy!


Clean on The Go

With a wash down kit, you don’t have to wait until you get home to clean your beloved vehicle. Choose a portable wash down kit and clean on the go. The portable washdown kit from SeaFlo is suitable for salt water and freshwater applications. Use it to wash down most outdoor gear, including 4WDs, boats, inflatables, tackle boxes, anchor wells, and more. Just keep it in the back of your Ute or 4WD so it’s ready whenever you need it. It’s so easy to use, even your kids can do it! Plus, the design means you don’t need to carry an extra tank.


Keep Your 4WD Clean

If you’ve just been to the beach, it’s always a good idea to give your vehicle a good under body wash before heading home. Use a wash down kit to dislodge any salt and sand in the nooks and crannies, and make sure rust doesn’t come knocking.


With a SeaFlo wash down kit, you can be confident your wash down kit will last for many trips to come. 


Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit - 12V

Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit - 12V

$295.00 $340.00

Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit - 24V

Whale High Pressure Washdown Kit - 24V

$295.00 $350.00