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With the right 4WD recovery tracks, you never have to worry about getting stuck again. Make sure you have good quality 4WD recovery tracks packed and ready to go for every adventure.


4WD recovery tracks come to your rescue when you get stuck while off-roading or driving on an uneven terrain. That’s why it is important to choose reliable and high-quality tracks from Milenco that won't leave you bogged in the middle of the bush.

Good Quality 4WD Recovery Tracks

Make 4WD recovery tracks an essential piece of gear for your trip. 4WD recovery tracks come in a wide range of different sizes and shapes but are always designed to maintain structural integrity while supporting heavy vehicles.


How to Use 4WD Recovery Tracks

When you’re bogged in a trail or parked on soft ground, use the flat bottom of the tracks as a shovel to clear the wheels of any obstructions or mucky terrain. Then, flip the recovery track so the traction side can be wedged between the wheels and the ground. Align the tracks with the wheels, keep the 4WD in a low gear and slowly accelerate. With recovery tracks, it’s as simple as that!


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