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Insect Protection

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Gecko 20W Weather Proof Insect Zapper Lantern
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Insect protection should be an essential on everyone's checklist! There's nothing worse than enjoying cold beers in the arvo only to be interrupted by pesky mosquitos and flies. The presence of mosquitoes can be what makes or breaks a camping trip. Not only are the bites itchy and annoying, but the bugs can also spread nasty diseases like the Ross River virus and even Dengue fever! Don’t worry – our range of insect protection products has you covered.

Switch On Your Insect Protection

Be sure to check out the Gecko insect protection range which automatically switches on at dusk and off at dawn! The versatile, weather resistant design means you can hang your lamp, mount it on the wall, or keep it on the table, where it will keep insects away.

Handy Insect Protection You Can Take Anywhere

The Thermacell insect protection range features a unique portable design that you can take everywhere, stopping mozzies before they can bite or bother you. It works by creating a 21m square zone of protection! We also sell refills, so you can make sure you stock up on all the protection you need before your big adventure. 

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